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Weird Hot

weird hot is a band who plays only songs you already know. in addition to being the only juke box your family ever needed, weird hot serves to remind you that you have someone to cry at, shortly before you go dancing. committed to fun, while never ignoring everything that's so desperately ugly about philadelphia and life in general, weird hot loves sandinista by the clash, the white album by the beatles, david live at the tower, pink floyd the wall, exile on main street, and anything else that goes on for far too long yet seems to keep getting better. influenced by the music of blondie, and bad seeds, chic and gun club, ferry, and eno (but not together,) the band isknown for telling stories with driving danceable melodies and dark, romantic themes.

The GTVs

In 1992, Sam Steinig started Mondo Topless. After 19 years, 5 albums, a bunch of singles, tracks on comps, and tours domestic and abroad, it was finally time to call it quits in early 2011.

It didn't take long to decide what the hell to do: form another band. The GTVs are in some ways similar to Mondo Topless (one foot firmly planted in 60s garage), and in other ways not. There's a healthy dose of Stax Soul, some groovy instrumentals (think Brian Auger/Georgie Fame), and a definite desire to get butts shaking and shimmying.

Sam supplants his trademark Vox Continental organ with an old Hohner Pianet for some added trash and raunch.

Jake Morton (guitar), formerly of Montana's International Playboys joined, injecting a crunchy mix of punk-infused soul. Steve Cropper meets Larry Parypa (Sonics) would be a good comparison

Scott Galper (drums) comes to us from the Pacific Northwest via Pittsburgh (or is it the other way around? I can't remember). He did time in surf outfit The Galaxy Trio (part of the Estrus Records stable) and noisemeisters The Heretics (Get Hip Recordings) in the 90s.

Dean McNulty played bass in Philly's Emma a decade ago, dropped out for a while, tuned in to the soul thump of Duck Dunn, and showed up on Sam's doorstep ready to provide the requisite thud and boom this new combo requires.


Philadelphia based lo-fi indie pop



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