The Entrance Band

The Entrance Band

Depending on which syllable you prefer to accent, the name The Entrance Band can conjure images of secret entryways, or it can represent the feeling of being dazzled and delighted – quite literally, to be put into a trance. The music made by The Entrance Band can awaken either definition, and countless other dimensions as well.

Since first collaborating together on the 2006 album Prayer of Death, guitarist/vocalist Guy Blakeslee, bassist Paz Lenchantin and drummer Derek James have breathed continued life into the sound of The Entrance Band. What began as a solo effort for the Baltimore-bred Blakeslee now manifests itself as a fully aligned group effort, now native to California – three minds, alike yet unique, united in pursuit of shared sonic enchantment, amplified and energetic.

That energy has translated into a catalog of recorded expression – including a self-titled album released on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label, the 2012 Fine Flow EP and the 2013 EP Dans Le Tempete – and an unassailable reputation for offering one of the most intuitively-interconnected live performances on the planet.

These memorable melodies and their near-telekinetic musical kinship are found in full flower on their new LP, Face the Sun – certainly the band’s most compelling collection of songs to date. The first full-length in 4 years, it is an album built firmly upon notable personal struggles and transformations experienced by all three band members.

It’s no exaggeration to say that The Entrance Band were unaware of the path ahead of them when they began recording Face the Sun – nor of whether the album or band would exist at all further down that path. The album emerges from a long tunnel of addiction, anxiety, sorrow and sadness. But in these hells exist the perspectives that allow for one – or in this case, three – to see their journey through, to willfully turn toward the light and take in the prism of paradise.

Face the Sun is a rare and remarkable collection of songs that recognizes and honors both sides of the journey toward the light – the glory and the gruesome. Through the music of The Entrance Band comes the realization that these two sides can’t exist without the other, and their journey is one that unifies the light and the dark. The album is fully fitting of the title Face the Sun – forever burning with potentially dangerous warmth, yet endlessly illuminating.

Says Beyond Beyond is Beyond co-owner Dominique Miniaci of the recent signing, “As longtime fans of The Entrance Band, Mike (Newman) and I are psyched and honored to release their extraordinary new Face the Sun album! It radiates a next level of the Entrance sound and reveals the band in their finest space yet. You’re gonna love it and that love will be requited–that’s what really amazing albums do.”

Sam Flax

Sam Flax might have been the most impressive new band on the bill, a post-Hawkwind synthy Numan-wave band with two keyboards, a drum machine, and a couple guitars—and they looked as good as they sounded, with a poncho-clad bassist looking like Ariel Pink's taller brother, and a blond male guitarist/singer wearing a multi-colored windbreaker and Kim Fowley's cheek makeup. His female co-singer on keys looked pretty bad-assed too, with a futuristic funnel of hair on top of her head: I couldn't get a proper photo of her, so I'll just post this similar photo of Sean Young from Blade Runner.

Laena Geronimo's brain child. Songs written, demos recorded. February 2011 band members were sought out amongst hyper talented musically obsessed friends. By March the resulting six-piece began playing out. Citing obscenely vast influences from the smashing of rocks to Paganini violin solos.
We enjoy sunset walks on the beach, nerding out, and making people excited.

Cellar Doors

Cellar Doors began in early 2010 in San Francisco. The trio consists of Sean Fitzsimmons (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) Jason Witz (Bass, Guitar, Vocals), and Miro Rogulj (Percussion, Vocals). The band is influenced by various forms of art, ranging anywhere from The Velvet Underground to The Stone Roses, Serge Gainsbourg to Spacemen 3, or Hitchcock to Dali. Their name is derived from a J.R.R. Tolkien quote, stating that the phonetic pronunciation of 'cellar door' is beautiful, dissociated from its sense (and from its spelling). However, the words themselves portray a dark doorway to the underground. With this appreciation for both the beautiful and the macabre they create a unique concoction of reverberating rock & roll that washes over you like a psychedelic tidal wave.

The band has shared the stage with the likes of Roky Erickson, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dead Meadow, The Warlocks, Spindrift, Allah-Las, Asteroid #4, Gringo Star, The Records, and have been known to back local legend Cyril Jordan of The Flamin' Groovies on occasion.

Since releasing their debut EP 'The Melody Haunts My Reverie' in September of 2011 they have been playing throughout the Pacific Coast and are currently recording for their next release.

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The Entrance Band with Sam Flax, Raw Geronimo, Cellar Doors, Vinyl DJ selections by Terry Sowers of Light Fantastic

Saturday, November 23 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 8:30 PM at The Chapel