Dallas, Nic Danger

A powerful lyricist and engaging stage performer, consistently. Writing since 2000 and performing original material since 2006 has honed Dallas' style to exactly whatever it happens to be now. It's certainly hip-hop, it's definitely from the soul, and it will always be relevant. Taking on live drums and other instruments into a DJ set is a task Dallas has made look east for the last 3 years now. Plaing multiple instruments himself, it's a circus that has to be seen. Three professional discs for sale, and a set of entirely new music. All the heads agree......Dope.

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New music video called "Blast Away" filmed in Memphis- http://youtu.be/vjtId6Nx4fY

Yo what's good it's ya boy AG. Im Mexico, Mo, Im from 23 years old. I started out rapping my freshman year in high school. I never got serious with it till i graduated. My Hip-Hop Are Lil' Wayne, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T, Kendrick Lamar, And Big Sean. In last four years i drop 8 mixtapes. I rep a group call DOD inc (Dollars Ova Divas). Thats Millzy Carlito, Donny Damu, Fatrick Ewing and Yung Rell. We just some young cats trying to showcase our skills and get on.

A lyricist first, an artist and a rapper second and third, EMFB will provoke thoughts. Writing lyrics and producing beats since 2003, he has honed his craft slowly but surely into a force to be reckoned with. Making music for tourists was never a part of the plan, so keep your mind limber and be ready for anything. EMFB is anything but casual on the mic...



Chuck Inglish will no longer be perorming. If you purchased a ticket, refunds are available at the Blue Note Box Office. MINORS: Please be prepared to pay a $2 surcharge at the door in addition to the purchase price of the ticket.

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Dallas, Nic Danger with AG, EMFB

Tuesday, December 3 · Doors 7:30 PM / Show 8:30 PM at Mojo's