The Veldt

Formed by identical twin brothers singer/guitarist Daniel and guitarist Danny Chavis, and rounded out by drummer Marvin Levi on drums and bassist Dave Burris, The Veldt quickly became the "must see attraction" of the quirky art-rock scene in Chapel Hill, NC (which also held bands like Superchunk, Polvo and Dillon Fence in its ranks). The Veldt released their first proper record, Marigold's, on Stardog/Mercury, in 1992. Marigold's was received well enough to earn the band a much more lucrative contract with Polygram Records. The result was the cult classic Afrodisiac recorded and produced in London, England with Ray Shulman (The Sugarcubes,The Sundays, etc.) at the helm. Afrodisiac's under current rumblings eventually rose to cause a storm as the band soon found themselves sharing stages with likes of Oasis, The Cocteau Twins, The Pixies, Fishbone, Corrosion Of Conformity and a host of other seminal alternative bands. After two more records, Universe Boat on Yesha Recordings and Love At First Hate on their own imprint, End Of The World Technologies, Danny left the band preceded by Burris who left the music business for a career in film in 1994 (he is currently the producer for CBS's hit show Survivor). The Veldt continued on in various incarnations until it was put to bed in 2007. After relocating to New York City, Danny and Daniel focused on their new band Apollo Heights. This time around, The Chavis brothers pushed their musical boundaries with more electronica and trip hop influenced back drops to create texture with Daniel's soulful falsetto croon. Their last recording, White Music For Black People, featured the twins and special guests Mos Def and Lady Miss Kier from Delite fame. TV On The Radio's David Sitek handled some of the production with Danny and Daniel doing the rest.

Brooklyn dream pop outfit Heaven initially formed in late 2010. Matt Sumrow (Dean and Britta, The
Comas, Ambulance LTD) and Mikey Jones (The Big Sleep, Swervedriver, Snowden), galvanized by
sessions backing Adam Franklin as a part of his Bolts of Melody band, both recording and subsequently
touring 2010's I Could Sleep for a Thousand Years, were inspired to compose and record some original songs of their own. The pair, Sumrow on guitar and vocals, and Jones on drums, eventually filled out their
lineup with Ryan Lee Dunlap (Fan-Tan) on keyboards and Luke Hayden Senkbeil on bass. They've played
numerous gigs honing their sound, including 2012's SXSW, and an East Coast tour early last Spring in
support of Swervedriver. Sonic teasers have been offered in the form of a split single with Adam Franklin
and the Bolt of Melody, which was the world's introduction to "Colors in the Whites of your Eyes," and
their eponymous 7", which featured "Mountains Move" and "Falling Apple."

Their proper opening salvo has at last arrived in the form of their debut LP Telepathic Love. The album's grounded by the Jones' dynamic percussion locking in with Sumrow's dazzling array of guitar effects, but ultimately song craft trumps structure here. From the opening "Colors in the Whites of Your Eyes," with its serpentine guitar figure and wash of reverb cut from the cloth of halcyon shoegaze such as Ride and Lush, to the curdled psych groove of title-track "Telepathic Love," a certain nascent verve is evinced, that of a band hitting an arresting stride, riding a lighthearted wave of innate propulsion and melodic inventiveness.

The record encompasses a vast emotional and sonic breadth, from the reverb drenched Jesus & Mary Chain indebted harmonies on the epic "Mountains Move," to the wistful, Velvets-esque lullaby "Southern Rain," to the strum und drang claustrophobic snarl of closing track "Centuries," a number that could've wandered the cosmic plank from Spacemen 3's The Perfect Prescription.

Formidable antecedents these are, but Heaven take this hodgepodge and recombine it into something idiosyncratically their own. It's approachable as pop, but beneath the surface lurks vivid bursts and blooms—dynamic fireworks displays of melodies, reverb, and synths—sonic explorations evoking sheer joy and abject sorrow. Invest the listens and you'll find yourself enraptured by their thoroughly beguiling world.

Heaven's debut LP Telepathic Love is set to be released on Goodnight Records July 30th, 2013.

Miracle Falls

Miracle Falls is the latest project from Paul Dillon, (Mercury Rev/Sparklehorse/Silver Rockets/Longwave), featuring guest performances from members of The Dandy Warhols, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mercury Rev and The Warlocks.

Their music has been described as shoegazey with elements of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground and Dinosaur Jr.. Mark Gardener of Ride called Miracle Falls "a highlight act that I watched and loved" after he saw them at the Clean Air Clear Stars festival in Joshua Tree last year.

Paul's touring band consists of Jason 'Plucky' Anchondo - Ex - Warlocks, Spindrift, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Chris Cook of the Portland band 1776 who have a record out on the Dandy's label Beat The World Records.


WALTZ is a singer/ songwriter from Brooklyn, NY.

David Watts (DJ Set)

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