Pulling Punches

Pulling Punches

Alright Junior

"When first you hear Alright, Junior, you may be intangibly tossed into a back in da day vortex, liberating early 90s grunge rock n' roll, lathered in crippling Smashing Pumpkins riffs and caliginous Alice in Chains vocals. They have endurance, there's no doubt in that, extolling their engendered appreciation for the last "good" era of rock music with all the spasmodic moves of an undomesticated bronco." (Origivation Spring 2007)

When you talk to the members of Alright Junior, you realize that with music, sometimes timing is everything. "You get the feeling with this band", says front man Jace Miller, "that something special is happening" Formed by members of 3 former Philadelphia Alternative Rock acts , Alright Junior began in the spring of 2006, when drummer Mike Fraclose and guitarist Steve DeMeo (formerly of The Rebel Saints) began writing and rehearsing with Miller (formerly of Juliet). With the later addition of bassist Greg Javonovich (formerly of Pennant Race), and with new material already in tow, Alright Junior burst onto the Philly scene, playing shows in familiar venues to surprisingly large crowds. Says DeMeo, "for a band that at the time was only 2 months old, we couldn't believe the response from the first few shows." "We realized that our old fan bases from the other bands were coming out as one in support of the new project.", says Miller. For promoters, writers, radio personalities and fans alike in the Philadelphia area, it became obvious from the start that Alright Junior wasn't truly a "new" act, but rather local music vets who were hell bent on stirring up the local music scene.

Early after their inception, Alright Junior caught the attention of producer Joe Mattis of label Slugfest records, when Mattis saw the band open for national headliner Sponge. Mattis was impressed by the raw talent, stage presence and young energy of the new band. Work began on an LP engineered by Kevin Williams at Slugfest's recording studio in Spring City, PA. Released in February 2007 release, Alright Junior's debut LP (availible on iTunes) featured 10 songs showcasing the band's unique alternative rock sound. Tracks such as Mouths of a Herd and Sinner of the State quickly received airplay on Philadelphia's 93.3 WMMR and Delaware's 93.7 WSTW. Alright Junior was also featured on Philadelphia's radio104.5FM live at five studio session, heard live at afternoon drive time.

Rumors of a "ship of fools" captained by legendary Tim Gilles (Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Misfits)

led the band in February 2009 to Big Blue Meenie studios in Jersey City, NJ. Alright Junior crafted a 5 song EP built to lead them onward.

Chosen to be released Independently in 2009, "Our Temporary Everything" represents a band comfortable in its own skin, looking forward rather then repeating patterns and molds of rock's recent mundane history.

In 2010 after releasing, "Our Temporary Everything", Radio 104.5 in Philadelphia began spinning the first track off the EP entitled, "Fish vs. Ambulance". The band was then featured on ABC as an up and coming rock act from the Philadelphia area. As the help of radio play boosted interest, Alright Junior then released a video for the single, which can be seen at www.youtube.com/alrightjunior

The latest EP from Philadelphia alt rock outfit alright junior features 3 new tracks recorded at Big Blue Meenie in Jersey City NJ in March 2011. The EP offers another glimpse forward into the development of this young band as their sound becomes more focused and direct. The band decided to return to the analog universe at Big Blue Meenie to craft 3 new tracks that show a band with a more focused and direct sound. The first track "Burn" was first heard in acoustic form as part of Radio1045's Live at 5 Studio Session but this disc brings out Burn at its most bullish; a defiant, in your face track that combines melody with a vicious alt rock sucker punch. Table for Two ups the ante, blasting the listener with beautifully overdubbed analog guitar that Big Blue Meenie is famous for. The disc finishes with Norma Jeane, a track on which we hear vocalist Jace Miller initially by playing himself, not something heard before on previous Alright Junior records. Of course, the rest of the band eventually joins in, to deafening effect.

Alright Junior is a must see live band. Witness a live show and you will be a believer.


Jace Miller - Lead Vocals/Guitar

Steve DeMeo - Vocals/Guitar

Greg Jovanovich - Bass

Mike Fraclose - Drums


LP - Eudaemonic (Feburary 2007 ) Slugfest Records, re-released nationally ADAWarner Music Group (July 2008) -Engineered by Kevin Wesley Williams

Mastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound, NYC

EP - Our Temporary Everything (June 2009) Independent

Engineered by Kevin Neaton, Matt Mesenger and Jeff Canas/Mixed by Kevin Neaton with Tim Gilles at Big Blue Meenie, Jersey City NJ

Mastered by Alan Douches at Westwestside Music, NY

SINGLE - Burn (Unplugged live on air Radio 104.5 Philadelphia) (October 2010), Independent

EP- Scratching at The Ceiling. (March 2011)

Engineered by Noz, Debris and Jeff Canas/Mixed by Matt Mesenger with Tim Gilles at Big Blue Meenie, Jersey City NJ

Mastered by Alan Douches at Westwestside Music, NY

Reese Van Riper

Inside a defunct hay barn on the outskirts of Crawford County Pennsylvania the stale aroma of rotting wood is subdued by the overwhelming stench of guano. This place where once an old family mill was based upon has now become a congregation for nocturnal scavengers. For some stepping into such a place would shoot chills up ones spine. However Reese Van Riper says it's the only place in the world where he can truly think in silence. Here is where Reese found revelation and began his own march of progress.

2011 saw many changes for Reese Van Riper. Not only by adding two members/friends to enhance the artistic vision of the band but also touring extensively for the first time nationwide as a full band. The trio didn't just cover 3,000 miles in March on their "Wise & Cool 2011" tour, where they headlined at the 12 Annual Texas Rockfest in Austin, TX. They also covered over 6,000 miles in 15 days this past July on their "Ghost Oil Tour 2011". They continue to set the benchmark for independently run, funded, and organized bands as they steamrolled through a week long tour covering another 5,000 miles with their "Week Long Bender 2011" tour.

In 2012 Reese Van Riper again head into the studio this time with Producer John Ferrarra (Trophy Scars) at Portrait Recording Studios and recorded "Ghost Oil Revival" which contained fan favorites such as "Hoodoo Rising" "Lucy" & "Love Is A Cure". Instead of extensive touring around the country the band focused on playing local shows establishing a strong and dedicated fan base in their home state of New Jersey.

The three piece consists of bassist Matt Kearns (ex-Loreane Drive), Drummer Greg Infante (ex-The Murder & The Harlot) and of course Reese himself. The three having grown up with each other have an undeniable chemistry on and off the stage. When the band takes the stage Reese stands a towering 6'7" and automatically commands the audience with his presence alone. As the guys feed off their energy, the crowd becomes a sea of electricity and like a wave just about to crest the momentum crashes upon them. Taking all of those factors into mind is what makes Reese Van Riper an on stage powerhouse.



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