So So Glos

So So Glos

The So So Glos are rock n roll band of brothers from Brooklyn, New York who formed in 2007- a band that has taken their own 21st century slang term and re-appropriated it to define themselves. The band has said that they call themselves by the street term as incentive to combat this type of behavior.

The band itself is made up. They're made up of Alex Levine, of Ryan Levine, of Matt Elkin and of Zach Staggers . Through divorce and remarriage, brothers Alex, Ryan and step brother Zach were grouped together at a very young age.

In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, the three started a rock and roll group. Without fully knowing how to play or tune their instruments the group was born in 1991.

Their earliest recordings were done on tape cassette and have often been described as "punk" sounding. Critics and historians have much debated over whether this decision to sound punk was intentional, or that its youngest member (alex) was three years old at the time. Despite differences in opinion by historians, they continued to grow as did the "rough around the edges " sound that would go on to define the band.

After countless moves and changes growing up, the boys adopted their current name in 2007 and rededicated themselves to playing music they believe in. The near grown boys now found themselves lost in a rehashed world where "too cool" attitudes reigned and dancing was out of style.

Frustrated with the status quo and bored with party goers and scenesters, the group began recording an album. Working with childhood friend and producer Adam Reich, they completed and self released their eponymous debut within the year. The album was recorded in a series of after hours sessions in a Staten Island studio. (Much was recorded with singer Alex's jaw wired shut after a brotherly fist fight left it broken.)

Their "long lost brother" Matt Elkin joined the group in October 2007 and with new found energy the band hit the road on the first of many D.I.Y. American tours. Inspired by the various punk houses and art spaces along their travels, the band co founded an all - ages venue in Brooklyn named the Market Hotel.

While living at the market, the band began writing and recording Tourism / Terrorism, released in fall 2008. The touring and the terrorism continued, they stumbled forward.


Fliight took off in late 2009, and is primarily a two man collaboration between Ted Sharp and Josh Cochran, though they often draft the help of others to bang a tambourine, sing, or charm the theremin. Both bandmates in groups like The Makeouts, The Pale Family, Highway Robbery and Cpt Captain, the two collaborate on Flight as a side project. It started in a shed as a two hour jam session with a running tape. This session resulted in a few tracks, one of which—Wirebird—made it onto the Yards and Gods Compilation Vol II released at the end of 2009.

Their sound pulls influences in from late 1960s and early 1970s krautrock bands like Ash Ra Tempel and Tago Mago era Can with some of the noise experiments of Faust. Songs have a stream of consciousness feel to them as Cochran and Sharp appear to share a brain that enables Cochran’s distortion washed guitar wails to groove amid Sharp’s lacerating percussion. However, unlike their German predecessors, Flight’s songs do not stretch ad infinitum. Rather, it makes an attempt to condense the usually sprawling genre for those with shorter attention spans. It’s digestible and deliciously krauty.

Ethnic Women

Jib Jab Jones & the Indigo Circus

Feeling overwhelmed by a local music scene dominated by rappers and hardcore bands, Jib Jab Jones & the Indigo Circus is a folk punk act that wants to bring a refreshing sound to the table. With topics ranging from pop culture icons such as Batman and Lost to politically charged rants about LBGT equality, race relations, and growing up in the deep south, The Indigo Circus aims to grab your attention through dynamic story-telling and an energetic live experience.



MINORS: Please be prepared to pay a $2 surcharge at the door in addition to the purchase price of the ticket.

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So So Glos with Flïïght, Ethnic Women, Jib Jab Jones & the Indigo Circus

Friday, October 18 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:30 PM at Rose Music Hall