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Braid is an influential emo/post-hardcore band from Illinois that formed in 1993. After forming, the band went through several line-up changes but eventually settled on: Bob Nanna on guitar/vocals, Todd Bell on bass, Chris Broach on guitar/vocals and, Roy Ewing on drums. Roy was replaced in 1997 by Damon Atkinson.
Braid disbanded in 1999 leaving Nanna, Bell, and Atkinson to form Hey Mercedes with Mark Dawursk while Broach would dedicate more time to The Firebird Band which was hitherto a side project.
The band reformed for a comprehensive US/Canada tour from June–August 2004 & a brief Japanese tour in August 2004. Braid became active once again in 2011, releasing an EP and playing a few shows, including their 600th show.


Sold Out

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