Paradox Trio & Romski Boji

Paradox Trio & Romski Boji

7:30 Paradox Trio (the original)
9:30 Romski Boji (Macedonian gypsy dance music)
featuring 3 mysterious Roma virtousi from Macedonia
on dumbek, accordion and cümbüş.

New York based PARADOX TRIO is a quartet that creates original music inspired by Eastern European traditions driven by an improvisational downtown edge . With their five previous releases on Knitting Factory, ENJA and now the Italian FELMAY labels, Paradox Trio has been influential in advancing world fusion with their innovative exploration of balkan, gypsy, middle eastern and klezmer music forms! Certainly, Darriau and the band were in the first wave of artists to introduce these melodies, modes, and rhythms into the NY downtown mix. For the past 17 years these four musicians have been notorious for their high-energy concerts throughout North America, Canada and Europe. The group's dynamic performances and approach cut across stylistic and geographic boundaries creating an unusual and eclectic sound - redefining the concept "world beat".

Matt Darriau reeds & kaval
Brad Shepik guitar.
Rufus Cappadocia 5-string cello.
Seido Salifoski dumbeks and perc.

Seido Salifoski's

A Roma born to a singer mother and a folk dancer father in Prilep, Macedonia, Seido has palyed darbuka / dumbek in Balkan and Middle Eastern style for 30 years. With his extensive experience playing Turkish, Greek, Balkan, and Middle Eastern percussion combined with flare of jazz from studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, his unique virtuosity has set him apart from the pack worldwide.After frequently playing music in the now-legendary Middle Eastern nightclubs such as Ali Baba and Port Said in Manhattan closed, Seido started truly developing and aumenting the style of dumbek playing with his unique approach.


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