Kiev is a band whose musical ambitions transcend traditional genres and has the ability to stretch one’s expectations of how a young band can present their art form. Based in Southern California, their music is bound to attract a wider following of fans beyond the L.A. area through its complexity and yet accessibility.

The band name comes from a poem about journeys, traveling and being places you have never been before. Written by one of the bandmates family members, this poem became a representation of how Kiev wants the listener to feel upon hearing their music.

Sonically, the band dives deep into the art of blending tones from dusty old recordings with the possibilities of modern technology. Compositionally, the band places heavy emphasis on a balance of multiple layers. Albeit, experimentation with rhythm is the foundation from which they build their sonic landscapes. While texture and tone are also significant characteristics of Kiev, their foundation is defined by rhythm and precise placement.

Kiev's music appeals to not any one generation. Some may correlate their sound with alternative British rock while others may interpret Kiev as a more experimental jam-band. Although there are elements of both, Kiev adheres to neither setting and actively explores different sounds while maintaining their own distinct style.

Whether it’s Radiohead, Wilco, Steely Dan or Frank Zappa, someone you’ve heard before is bound to cross your mind while first listening, but no one before has made music quite like Kiev.

$10.00 - $13.00


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Kiev, FMLYBND with Celofan, Bad Suns

Saturday, November 9 · 7:00 PM at The Glass House