The Albertans

The Albertans

The Albertans formed in early 2008 as a poncho-enrobed ensemble sharing their time between the dense greenery of BC and the youth swilling environs of Brooklyn, NY. As a seven piece cast they released 'Legends of Sam Marco' on Ernest Jenning Record Company (NY), a sprawling tale accompanied with violin washes and bursts of trumpet sounds. Brooklyn's 'L-Magazine' named The Albertans as one of the top NY bands of 2009. The next couple of years was time spent touring and playing festivals (SXSW, Sled Island, CMJ etc.) and writing new material on farm and island retreats. In Spring 2011 The Albertans released another full length album entitled 'New Age' with songs about youth at the precipice of a new horizon.

Emerging from new artistic territory The Albertans, now a four-piece, now want to share with you a little 7 inch easter egg entitled 'The Hunter' recorded by Magnetic Ring's Joshua Stevenson/Otic Sound (Vancouver, BC). The title track is an epic journey that leadsyou into a sinister foray of organ sounds and frenzied guitar. The other two tracks provide a clearing and one is soothed into the gentle wash of 'Power' and the pop simplicity of 'Ohio'. The songs were formed in the damp coves of Bowen Island and offer a glimpse into things and sounds to come.

The Albertans are Joel Bravo, Curtis McLean, Ian Everall and Alison Yip

The Stationary Set

The Stationary Set had a very simple idea when it finally solidified: to write songs of a greater nature that it found appealing and attainable without sacrificing any content, without dumbing anything down or being afraid to be loud or blatant. It sought to make the "pop" in "pop music" not such a dirty word.

Grouping together an EP of songs, the band laid down the doormat for its home in the indie/pop realm in 2008. Several tours and elbow to elbow shows in NYC and Brooklyn later, The Stat. Set came up for air with a treasure chest of new thought and new songs, a sampling of which were recorded in studios, practice rooms and ghost houses in August 2009. Virally melodic and epic in nature, The Stationary Set have injected elements into the traditional 4-minute pop song that today's indie-rock fandom haven't heard in a long time.


STRNGRS is a 3-piece rock & roll outfit from New York City. Sounds, smiles, and situations to make you feel good.

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The Albertans with The Stationary Set, STRNGRS

Saturday, October 5 · 8:00 PM at Cameo Gallery

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