How Was Your Week Live with Julie Klausner and Ted Leo

How Was Your Week Live

It's always a magical occurrence when a podcast you enjoy, one day, Pinocchio-like, becomes a real, live event. Join How Was Your Week? host Julie Klausner, house band leader Ted Leo, and some very special guests for what is sure to be another excellent evening of music, and big stage realness!

Julie Klausner

Julie Klausner is a comedy writer/performer, podcaster, and author. Her podcast, How Was Your Week, was recently called “one of the few essential podcasts” by the New York Times and was named one of the best 10 comedy podcasts of the moment by Rolling Stone and in GQ’s Comedy Issue. Currently, Julie works as "Media Ambassador for, for which she writes frequently, makes weekly videos for the site, and goes on TV on behalf of Vulture to discuss pop culture topics. She wrote a memoir called "I Don't Care About Your Band" and her new book, a YA Novel called "Art Girls Are Easy", comes out May 7 of this year. Follow Julie on Twitter @julieklausner

Ted Leo

Ted Leo came to indie fame in the late-'80s New York hardcore scene by playing with Citizen's Arrest and Animal Crackers. He then moved to Washington, D.C. where he founded Chisel, a mod/punk outfit that you should already know about. When they disbanded, Ted headed up north to New York City and started playing as Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and eventually signed with Matador Records. He released his first record with them, The Brutalist Bricks, in 2010.

A.C. Newman

"A.C. Newman pens melodies that seem to have spring from the collective unconscious and then encases them in bright, lush power-pop arrangements." —Rolling Stone. What can we say? A.C. Newman one of our favorite musicians. You may know him from his outstanding solo albums, Get Guilty and The Slow Wonder, or as the frontman for The New Pornographers. You can't beat that. Photo: Caleb Beyers

Jean Grae first performed under the moniker "What? What?" as a member of the indie group Natural Resource, providing classic singles such as "Baseball" and "Bum Deal." Then with her solo efforts: Attack of The Attacking Things, This Week, The Bootleg of the Bootleg and the 9th Wonder produced Jeanius, provided the platform for Jean Grae's ability to fit as many syllables as possible into short time spans. Grae has featured on tracks with Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Wale, Lil B the Based God, Phonte and Joell Ortiz and a long list of others that is impossible to fit into this bio. On a return to demonstrating her own abilities to produce (Jean has produced under the aka's Run Run Shaw and Nasain Nahmeen) as well as direct, Grae released video and song "Kill Screen aka Steve Wiebe" from her upcoming project Gotham Down. Twisting time and space, Jean Grae's much anticipated "Cake or Death" is set to be released second, though it chronologically precedes "Gotham Down" story wise. Her fate was ultimately changed forever with the actualization of Jean's passion for comedy and satire in recent stand up appearances and a self-produced, written and directed sitcom, Life With Jeannie, is in the works. Recently, appearing on the John Hodgman show and Low Times podcast with Daniel Ralston, audiences were treated to her special blend of music and comedy. To sum up, Jean is a superhero. She's better than everyone at doing everything. You should enjoy and support all of the things that she ever does, because she might disintegrate you if you don't.


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How Was Your Week Live with Julie Klausner and Ted Leo with Julie Klausner, Ted Leo, A.C. Newman, Jean Grae

Wednesday, October 30 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 8:30 PM at The Bell House

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