A rock-n-roll Sunday brunch to benefit the Urban Workshop NYC. ALL proceeds go to Urban Workshop.

Mental Ray and the Key Frames

A perfect blend of mid level musicianship and amazing audience enthusiasm, Mental Ray and the Keyframes is the all VFX artist cover band super group hailing from Framestore NY. They are: Seth Gollub, Shayne Ryan, Will Frazier, Maryanne Butler, Jessenia Nauta, Alexis Hall and Euna Kho.

Josh Flagg and The Obligations

ust last month Josh released his new EP: Youth Hotel, which is available for FREE download on Bandcamp this month only!
“Youth Hotel is a bit of a change of pace from what I’ve been putting out into the world the past few years in that it’s a bit more quiet and contemplative. I’ve been playing with the same group of guys for years now and collaboratively we tend to prefer the fast, loud, rock ‘n roll type of song, but the fact is that I write a lot of quieter songs that never quite seem to fit into the type of record we are making at the time.“

Run for Cover

The greatest band since Spinal Tap, Run for Cover was originally founded in 2009 and known as "Bacon Angel." Since then, we have changed some members, did some shots, rocked some houses and learned some lessons. In 2010, Run for Cover emerged as the solid rock force that they are today, bringing power vocals, shredding solos and thunderous drums to a whiskey join near you.

We rock your face off every night with high-voltage tracks from the greatest rockers of all time like Ozzy, Zeppelin, Guns'n'Roses, Metallica, and a hell of a lot more. And guess what? We have some softer hits especially for you, Gen X. Yeah that's right, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Rage...we got it all right here.

If we think it rocks, we play it. If you don't think it rocks, you can go to that lame bar down the street that is playing Top 40.

We go to 11 every night. Are we too loud?? Well, RUN FOR COVER, people!!
Consider yourself warned.

Run for Cover is:
Renee Cafaro - Vocals
Rajiv Yadlapalli- Guitar
Kyle McCabe - Drums


Dances is a psychedelic pop trio from Brooklyn, NY. They recently recorded at Strange Weather with producer Daniel Schlett (DIIV, Here We Go Magic) and plan to release their new material by the end of the year.

$10.00 - $15.00

Tickets Available at the Door

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charity::rock::sundayfunday with Mental Ray and the Key Frames, Josh Flagg and The Obligations, Run for Cover, Dances

Sunday, September 15 · 3:30 PM at Cameo Gallery

Tickets Available at the Door