Belle Adair, Mesiko, Workman Song

Belle Adair

Belle Adair's first record, The Brave and the Blue, will shipwreck your intellect. One minute the kettle's ringing, or the light is changing red to green, but you're gone. You're swept away to this heart-wandering tiny universe with pedal steel swells and trumpet gulls, love lamented and comprehended. Life, examined and exalted.

The record is the wreck. The island. The raft. You? You're the drifter. Listen.

Belle Adair casts away the trepidation of traveling roads once rocky. How fitting for a band named after a sunken ship in Steinbeck's Winter of Our Discontent. Put on The Brave and the Blue. And the kettle, too. Drift away. Forage the once-forgotten memories of your past self, no longer deserted.


This. Is. A. Supergroup. Mesiko themselves; to honor craft of great songwriting and fearless performance. The effect is electrifying. Full band harmonies, psych-soul-thrash ballads and stark poetry. Mesiko is truly unique.

Raquel Bell- guitar vocals. (Norden Bombsight, Normal Love.)
David Marshall- guitar vocals. (Norden Bombsight, Big Damn Giant.)
Ray Rizzo- drums vocals keyboards. (Glen Hansard, Corporal, Dawn Landes, Doveman, Days Of The New, King Kong, founder of Motherlodge.)
Annie Nero (bass/vocals) (Yellowbirds, NERO

Workman Song

Workman Song is Sean McMahon. "Part ghost, part Victrolaphone, part campfire storyteller."

$8.00 - $10.00


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Belle Adair, Mesiko, Workman Song

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