World Hoop Day

World Hoop Day

"The mission of World Hoop Day is to bring joy through the importance of play to children around the world. The benefits of playing with a hoop include having a fit, leaner body with a stronger core and leaner muscles. Hooping improves self-confidence, inner peace, contentment and relieves depression.

The importance of play is undervalued in this technological age of information. World Hoop Day brings cost-effective toys that double as a portable gym to remote areas of the world where resources are limited. Additionally, we donate hoops to individuals and local and global organizations that have a direct impact on communities. Examples include the Peace Corps and Girl Scouts of America, orphanages, rehabilitation centers and senior homes.

Every year on an international, easy-to-remember date World Hoop Day volunteers invite their communities to share in the vision of creating a more peaceful world through play and giving back. Goals of World Hoop Day’s annual event are to recruit new hoopers through teaching lessons of hoop making and dance, sharing of music, food, games and laughter, and raising funds to distribute hoops to as many individuals in the world as possible."

Bass Coma

Bass Coma – Two words that describe how you’ll feel after one of their shows. These guys are pure energy in the EDM scene. With an instinctive feel for each venue, Justin Smith and Clayton Stevens use beat manipulation with spontaneity mixing their own production work with Dubstep, Moombahton, Electro and everything in between.
Never repeating a set list, Bass Coma was found sharing the stage with the likes of Downlink, Vaski, Crizzly, Dieselboy, Helicopter Showdown, Spankalicious, Getter, NiT GriT, SPL, Trampa, Soloman, VibesquaD, Ana Sia and many more.
The Untz selected their original production “Time to Get Naughty” featuring Spankalicious as a Top 10 EDM release in September 2013. Go! magazine listed Bass Coma as one of the 7 Columbia music groups to watch in 2012 with the release of the EP “What You Know About Mashups?”, “Gucci Goes Hard” and “Eyes On the Rain” getting over 80,000 hits on websites such as, and Recently picked up by newly launching ThazDope Records, Bass Coma embarks on the label tour in April 2014 to spread the Bass virus to the next lucky rager.


I do this for a love of music. I do this for a genre that has become a movement. I do this for a feeling, for a community, and for a passion.
LoFoSho is an independent artist, and a focused and driven DJ Hailing from the Midwest. He brings high energy vibes to every set, and keeps you on your toes with his own method of fast cuts and unique blends. Shredding Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Electro, Breaks and Dnb have become the standard for this DJ and are only a few of the elements that compose his live sets.
It all began as a late night hobby, but quickly gained momentum and turned into a full blown obsession....
After less than a year of learning to spin LoFoSho bust onto the scene with a residency at Columbia's own bar "The Field House". Here he learned to mix Video out of necessity in an ever changing environment. He brings high energy vibes to every set, house party, rave, bar, club, and knows how to keep the party live....
LoFoSho has since been making a splash around Columbia Missouri and neighboring cities opening for and playing along side such artists as Abe Froman, Atreus, Afroman, Basscoma, Blush, Bommer, Doombox, Dr. Awkward, Ghost, Hendrix, HODJ, Isofly, Saltz, Samples and Terrabad.
Having recently graduated from college he is now taking a more calculated and driven effort towards production. You can be sure to expect a full blown fusion of DJ and Production material from this artist in the near futur

Abe Froman

Abe Froman AKA Andrew Gaskins has been performing and studying music since the age of thirteen. Picking up the bass guitar and doing vocals for various metal bands, such as Intercranial Butchery, his knowledge and background in musical theory have assisted him in developing into the performer he is today. With the influences of Dieselboy, Nero, Benga, Evol Intent, BassNectar, Excision, and his brother DoomBox AKA Russell Gaskins, he is always changing and progressing into a stronger artist each day. Andrew's love for electronic music led him to experiment with turntables. Spinning and producing for almost three years, Andrew has recently released his first self-debut EP entitled "How to Make Lasagna." With tracks such as Split-Wide-Open and Halo making it on mixes and playlists everywhere, there is no telling where Andrew's creative juices will take his production next. Opening up for acts such as, Ana-Sia, Rastatronics, Alpaca, and DoomBox, he is certain to keep the crowd pleased and the kids moving.


dam right true story lol



MINORS: Please be prepared to pay a $2 surcharge at the door in addition to the purchase price of the ticket.

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World Hoop Day with Bass Coma, LoFoSho, Abe Froman, ZaNdEr

Saturday, October 5 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:30 PM at Rose Music Hall