DJ Foundation has made a name for himself in the US as well as much of Europe over the last few years as a talented hip-hop producer, drummer and touring live DJ. The soundscapes he produces in his personal studio are clean and precise and are not only the musical accompaniment for his up and coming group The Insects, but also for the California hip-hop duo Afro Classics as well as independent hip-hop icon Murs.
When he was 19 he moved to Los Angeles, CA to work in some studios while taking in some of its underground hip-hop scene at nights and at age 20 he attended the Recording Workshop in Ohio. Two years later he then headed to Arizona and auditioned for (and got accepted to) the Drunken Immortals sparking a career in hip-hop with heavy touring and nationwide interaction with up-and-comers who became influential in the underground hip-hop world.
Amongst the 8 members of the Drunken Immortals was a raspy and very talented emcee named Brad B, who was also Foundation's best friend. They began work on solo projects in Foundation's home studio and launched a project called The Insects that is very much on the rise today. After heavy European touring with The Insects, Foundation came back to the states and was hired by Scarub (Living Legends) to be the DJ for Scarub's side west coast / party vibe project Afro Classics featuring another emcee named Very G. In 2010 Foundation was tapped by underground icon Murs to produce an entire album and become his official touring DJ. Via his production skills and smoothed out hype-the-crowd approach to DJ'ing for live shows he is continuing to be sought after to grace the stages of the world with some of the livest hip-hop performers that are doing it today.

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