Don't Mind Dying + Devices for Your Survival + Badass Pterodactyls

Don't Mind Dying

Born in 08', DMD has performed in Columbia Missouri (and some surrounding towns) and has built a following by word of mouth. In 2012 they were asked to perform @ the Roots n Blues festival so they made a 4 song they feel like they have to make a "real" album with all original tunes....and they got the line-up now to do it....2013 is going to be awesome...

Devices for Your Survival

Devices For Your Survival is a three piece post-rock instrumental group from Columbia Missouri.

Badass Pterodactyls

A 4 piece garage band with a nice solid modern to vintage rock drive.

Formerly known as the band Ewag3. A new name change and new music direction is being taken. But be sure to check out the old page on Facebook and also YouTube. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC AND VENUES.

The title given to a person who has reached a sufficient level of inebriation to display a demeanor of super badassery. Signs of reaching this state include flapping your arms like wings and screeching. Badass Pterodactyls usually feel as though they are capable of achieving great feats and may attempt to perform stunts that normal drunk people won't even do. ~Urban Dictionary~



MINORS: $2 Cash Surcharge @ Door

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The Blue Note (MO)


Don't Mind Dying + Devices for Your Survival + Badass Pterodactyls

Saturday, September 28 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:30 PM at The Blue Note (MO)