The Edwardian Ball Los Angeles 2014

Edward Gorey's "The Curious Sofa"

"The Curious Sofa offers the ultimate in pornographic joy, combining naughtiness to the limit of the imagination and laughter to the point of breathlessness."

Dark Garden

Dark Garden’s crew of dedicated corset makers, helmed by Autumn Adamme, has been making the world a curvier place to be since 1989, offering a safe space for people of all shapes and sizes to be fabulous. Their corsets, costumes and gowns are world renowned for exceptional quality and fit, not to mention beauty.

Spiced rum, tarantula hawks, psychic petraglyphs, dialated discos, carbonated cabarets, preposterous pageantry, thriving boho bonanzas of bongos, beat hucksters, rave nymphs, burlesque stars, porn carneys, klown kitties, lazer berries, crack muppets, hipsters, slicksters, bleeps, blips, and Black Rock commandos, cheetah-flavored orgy dust and hot sonic saternalia, Weimar Berlin hallucinogens, glitchy mambo, torch-lit tweekeasy, sub-atomic go-go, electro-swing steamcrunk. Entrer dans le monde de Delachaux...

Shakti Bliss

Shakti Bliss is a DJ, Performance Artist and Fashion Designer based out of Southern California twisting luscious old time swing and lounge tunes with bassy uptempo beats creating a genre of her own called “Dirty Electro Swing”.

Her quirky romantic 1920′s vintage mash-ups with unavoidable banging bass music, fidget house and electro keeps the dance floor swinging with a modern Vaudeville flair.

Dressed to the nines, Shakti Bliss fuses her unique handmade fashions and speakeasy antics behind the decks while exuding her addictive pleasure for flapper swing culture with a fun loving, sexy edge.

Think “Betty Boop goes to Burning Man” with a ridiculously happy ending…

The Klown

The Klown represents the next step in red-nose (r)evolution for one Boenobo the Klown and his band of merry musical pranksters. And that amounts to a scalable act equal parts music and micro-circus, taking one of three forms depending on the nature of a given event, budget, etc., and sharing the same original glitch / electro / electronic rock musical stylings across all three.

Shovelman is a junkyard beatnik, a shovel guitar wielding surrealist folk superhero. Armed with a collection of pawnshop effects pedals and an old barn-shovel turned slide-guitar, Shovelman plays ol' fashioned folktronica-grooves looped straight out of the ground. The sounds of Mississippi delta blues from the electro-psychedelic future, collide with the antiquated rubble of lyrical one-man-band hoboetry. Shovelman has become infamous on the west coast as an opener for Primus, Beats Antique and the Yard Dogs Road Show.

$45 - $75, Booth Packages Available


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The Edwardian Ball Los Angeles 2014 with Dark Garden, John Brothers Piano Company, Delachaux, Shakti Bliss, The Gentlemen Callers, BellHop, T...

Saturday, February 8 · Doors 8:00 PM at The Fonda Theatre