Ceramic Dog

Ceramic Dog

1. chien de faience: expression: frozen with emotion, as in the perfectly still moment before a fight breaks out.
2. Ultimate kitsch object.
3. A free/punk/funk/experimental/psychedelic/post electronica collective, featuring marc ribot (cubanos postizos, john zorn, tom waits, etc etc), plus two of the best young players on the new york/california underground improv/experimental rock scene, shahzad ismaily - bass/electronics (Will Oldham, Secret Chiefs 3, Jolie Holland, 2 Foot Yard) and ches smith - drums (Xiu Xiu, Good for Cows, Secret Chiefs 3)
4. Not a 'project': a real band.

"Marc Ribot's new power trio, filled out by the remarkable versatile rhythm team of bassist Shahzad Ismaily and drummer Ches Smith, is his rawest band in ages." (TimeOut NY)


DINNER IS a trio from New York City.
Eugene Wasserman: Guitar, vocals
Keegan Monaghan: Bass, vocals
Oto Gillen: Drums



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Ceramic Dog with DINNER

Friday, October 4 · Doors 9:00 PM at Union Pool