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Colfax Speed Queen

""And now…
a message from you friends at Colfax Speed Queen!

1. Rock: Pumping, Churning, flailing about the ceiling, stage, or bar top.

2. Roll: Wringing sweat from the brow, pelvic gyrating, and the capacity to 'strut'.

3. Mix equal parts Rock and Roll, stir, shimmy and shake!…

Then, pour generously for your friends, and Boom! Pow!! Everybody's enjoying Colfax Speed Queen all night long!"

(Colfax Speed Queen is distilled in sunny Denver Colorado, 365 days a year. Patrons of all ages should enjoy Colfax Speed Queen responsibly. Copyright 2010, C.S.Q. Inc.)


The band that brought you such hits as 'Pizza Bikini' and 'Hot Tub Hand Job!' This five piece party rock and roll outfit consisting of Dong Bon Jovi, JonBenét Rambo, Sofia Sex Bomb, TITLER, and Suzie Cream Pie delivers a not-to-be-missed show. Featuring members of Dirty Few, Ned Garthe Explosion, and The Legendary River Drifters.

The best worst band in Denver!


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