Chrissy Murderbot

Chrissy Murderbot

Based in Chicago, Chrissy Murderbot is physically and spiritually linked to the wellspring of house music and its myriad relatives. Untouched by commercialism's urge towards glossy, dumbed-down poptronica, Murderbot aims to incorporate the grimy textures of juke, glitch, ghettotech, whatever is being forced towards the margins for lack of compromise. The result is an almost unclassifiable but instantly familiar pan-disco vibe that instantly ensnares any dancefloor.

Machinedrum (Live)

North Carolina-born artist Travis Stewart AKA Machinedrum has produced and composed over a dozen albums under various aliases since his first independent release in 1999. Covering an astonishing variety of styles through his solo work and with collaborative projects Sepalcure, JETS and Dream Continuum, Travis delivers his signature on every thing he touches; from his 2013 ‘Vapor City’ LP for Ninja Tune, to his production work for the likes of Azealia Banks, Jamie Liddell and Jesse Boykins II, which has made him widely recognised as a producer’s producer, a pioneer of many styles, and a master of his craft.

Contakt (TURRBOTAX®)

DJ Contakt has a pretty extensive resume that includes playing alongside hip-hop legends including MF DOOM and Non-Phixion. But he knows his way around electro, and we expect him to rock nothing less than a full throttle party with perhaps a few surprises.

$10.00 - $12.00


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