Transformer Lootbag

Matt Abplanalp, Steve Riches and Ricky Riemer have been making music together since high school, and in early 1996 they assembled themselves as a three-piece band named Transformer Lootbag. Always looking for new sounds and ways to combine them, the band writes angular music using their instruments in unconventional fashions and labyrinths for arrangements, but their songs sound more effortless and catchy than complicated. Over the years the band has released its puzzles of sound on internationally distributed compilations, singles and home-produced recordings and has enjoyed playing shows with bands such as Mike Watt, U.S. Maple, Mudhoney, Deerhoof, Melt Banana, Sicbay, The Flying Luttenbachers and Numbers at various venues around the Midwest. In 2003 TLB recorded themselves and released their self-titled, nine-song debut album-- the only full-length that made it out of their enormous hidden vault of material.

The Hussy

Two Piece psych punk band from Madison Wisconsin. Guy/Girl. Bobby plays guitar and sings. Heather plays drums and sings.

(Southpaw Records, Science of Sound, Tic Tac Totally Records, Goodbye Boozy Records, Kind Turkey Records, ETC)

CONTROL are burlap sacks filled with dub and surf and punk and a million sharp shale pieces. A girl runs to the front of the stage and turns the dilettantes’ eyes to jelly. The others keep their heads going up and down in time, shaking the sacks. The music of it’s hard and delicate and softly purposeful. It cuts and heals. Riots break out: Drums, bass, guitar, a voice sometimes searing the surface. The girl’s got her shirt up now and the dilettantes all leave to get her a drink. The songs becomes a watery noose and the stage goes empty because the stage has always been empty. Everyone covers their heads in burlap, drawing in raw, sustaining air and excavating their own private darknesses. They shake. And they try to predict what will come next..

Trin Tran

Lost in the post-Y2K punk-disco vogue, mechanical man Trin Tran rode alone on the robot train to tomorrow. His one man act left some digital footprints on the net, and now those have been recaptured for grooving on LP. It's not too late for the future again — catch the Tran, man! And welcome to a new label in your life — God?, that is.

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Transformer Lootbag, The Hussy, Control, Trin Tran

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