The Fogelnest Files

The Fogelnest Files is a weekly podcast where Jake Fogelnest and some of his favorite comedians and funny friends revisit pop culture gems from the Internet and Jake’s personal archive. Check out for video playlists from the show!

Julie Klausner

Julie Klausner is a comedy writer/performer, podcaster, and author. Her podcast, How Was Your Week, was recently called “one of the few essential podcasts” by the New York Times and was named one of the best 10 comedy podcasts of the moment by Rolling Stone and in GQ’s Comedy Issue. Currently, Julie works as "Media Ambassador for, for which she writes frequently, makes weekly videos for the site, and goes on TV on behalf of Vulture to discuss pop culture topics. She wrote a memoir called "I Don't Care About Your Band" and her new book, a YA Novel called "Art Girls Are Easy", comes out May 7 of this year. Follow Julie on Twitter @julieklausner

Host of the new “The Goddamn Dave Hill Show” on WFMU, author of Tasteful Nudes, and a contributor to This American Life, comedian and face-melting guitarist Dave Hill has been a fixture for years in the New York alt-comedy scene. He has appeared on MTV, Comedy Central, BBC-America, VH1, Adult Swim, Sundance Channel, TLC, Current TV and Spike TV networks, and has written for New York Times, GQ, Salon, VICE, McSweeney's, HBO, Blender, the Huffington Post, FHM UK, the New York Daily News, XXL, Guitar World, Guitar Player, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, VH1, Spike TV, The Learning Channel and Court TV.

Katie Notopoulos

(Buzzfeed, Senior Editor)

You know that girl at that party who is being kind of annoying but it's like whatever she's probably drunk and looking for attention so we'll engage her in conversation because it's amusing and she'll probably embarrass herself by telling way too much about her personal life? It's like that kinda, except she turns out to be really creepy and makes you never want to talk to her again.



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