Torche, our favorite sludge pop geniuses, who by our reckoning should be HUGE. They may be heavy and loud and distorted, and feature members of Cavity and Floor and Dove, but the music they make as Torche is something else entirely. The guitars massive chugging and crunchy, the drums pounding and brutal, the bass thick and buzzy, the vocals a totally unique wail / croon, they sound a bit like the Foo Fighters, if the Foo Fighters were heavier and catchier and more punk rock.

Big guitars, a killer hook of a chorus, amazing harmonies, kick ass drumming, even some shredding leads, this band just keeps getting better and better, but also tighter and more polished, without ever sounding wussier or like sellouts.

Big Business

Big Business is a stoner rock / sludge band formed in 2004. Originally from the Seattle area, the band relocated to Los Angeles in February, 2006. Band currently signed to Hydra Head Records.

Big Business is a three-piece band composed of Jared Warren of Karp, The Whip and Tight Bros From Way Back When, Coady Willis of The Murder City Devils and Dead Low Tide, and, as of early 2008, Toshi Kasai.

In 2006, Jared and Coady were asked to join the Melvins who were once again without a bass player after Kevin Rutmanis had been added to the bassist morgue. They recorded A Senile Animal in July 2006, and started a U.S. tour in September with Big Business, among others, opening up. During these shows they were sometimes joined by Melvins drummer Dale Crover on guitar.

Early 2007 saw the release of Big Business's second full length album Here Come The Waterworks, again on Hydra Head. The album was recorded in Seattle, shortly after they had finished the recordings for A Senile Animal with the Melvins. David Scott Stone - a musician who has often played and recorded with the Melvins - contributes guitar and moog synthesizer on the album.

In 2008 Melvins released a new album, Nude with Boots, which features Jarred and Coady as part of the band again. Melvins are currently on tour supporting the Nude with Boots, with Big Business opening for them.

Helms Alee

For anyone unfamiliar with Helms Alee’s sound, it is a bit tricky to categorize or simply file into a specific slot. With the band hailing from the Northwest, gritty grunge acts from the area such as the Melvins or early Nirvana can be detected within, and Helms can even be compared to the Pixies.

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