Singer/songwriter Goapele broke out of the Bay Area at the beginning of the last decade determined to make a difference in the world of music. Seamlessly blending genres while refusing to be limited by the "neo-soul" tag, the eloquent singer/songwriter completed her first release, "Closer" in 2001 and never looked back. Embraced from the beginning by critics and fans alike, Goapele carved the perfect niche for herself as she created music that fused jazz, soul and hip-hop with her own beautiful poetry.

Epiphany Tones

Smooth, soulful & eclectic are the words to describe Epiphany Tones, a collaborative effort of musical minds shaped by soul, jazz & gospel music. Before coming together, the group's members performed & honed their skills for years as complimentary pieces along side a number of established artists, stateside & abroad.

All hailing from Fresno, James Chatman II provides flawless rhythm from the drums,... keys are immaculately laid by David Walke, with rich bass & sultry vocals supplied courtesy of Keon Traylor. Each has garnered the utmost respect and praise from their peers and have now decided to combine talents to actualize a shared dream.

James, David & Keon are completely dedicated to creating quality music and giving listeners a genuine audio experience as Epiphany Tones.

Ashlee' Littlejohn

Every so often an artist rises on the music scene that captures the hearts and imagination of audiences throughout the world, Ashlee’ Littlejohn has the potential to be one of those rare artist. At only 21 years old, Ashlee’ has exhilarated extraordinary vocals that’s cultivated and inspired everyone to listen. Ashlee’s musical influences are Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Freddie Jackson, Nina Simone, Amanda Marshall, and Dinah Washington, just to name a few Ashlee’ is an American R&B and soul/pop singer-songwriter that has the versatility to sing in both English and Spanish. When Ashlee’ was just three years old, she would often go to her parents CD case and pull out CD’s that she wanted to listen too. She would place the disc in the CD player, turn it on, and select the song of her choice, then pull the artist pamphlet out and start looking at it while turning the pages as if she was actually reading it. This was proof of her interest in music at an early age. While in elementary school Ashlee’ sang in school talent shows and performed in band. When Ashlee’ was 11 years old, she participated in modeling and singing shows geared for teens, where she was able to develop her stage presence. While in high school, Ashlee’ was in Women’s Choral and was the section leader in Alto and Soprano, for two years in row . In Women’s Choral, Ashlee’ was able to perform in musical concerts, and participate in competitions that won numerous awards. In Ashlee’s senior year in high school, she auditioned for a part in the play “Little Shop of Horrors.” Ashlee’ was chosen to play the part of Ronnette in the school’s long tradition play where she was given a solo part. Her singing performance received praise from the audience. At the age of 15, Ashlee auditioned for American Idol.Today, Ashlee’ is pursuing a career in music and searching for a record label to help her fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an successful recording artist. At this particular time, Ashlee’ is taking music courses in college, where she gets the opportunity to learn more about music. In addition to that, she is self-teaching herself how to play the piano and composing her own music. Everyday, Ashlee’ is working hard to become a successful singer.

DJ Straws

"The bottom line from all of this is, I don't care if it's Digital, I don't care if it's Vinyl
...Our goal as DJs is to rock a fucking crowd. Period!" - DJ ICEMAN

Thats my life I was raised to entertain... I was born to please the crowd...





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Goapele with Epiphany Tones, Ashlee' Littlejohn, DJ Straws, Kenny Umeh

Friday, November 29 · Doors 9:00 PM / Show 10:00 PM at Fulton 55