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Deptford Goth

Daniel Woolhouse describes his music as, "sitting somewhere between real and synthetic," but the emotional impact of his musical alias Deptford Goth is about as human as it gets. Imbued with an intimate, intense yearning, perfectly matched to a seamlessly woven 'scape of synths, beats and dreamy, sad vocal, Life After Defo confirms the arrival of an astonishing new talent.
The album works as an entire piece, drawing the listener in and seducing with its tender and aching melancholy, but delivering an equally potent sense of euphoria, particularly on album highlights such as 'Feel Real' and 'Union'. He has been compared to James Blake in that electronically tweaked zone where synth-pop, R&B and soul meet; lovers of The xx may also recognise a kindred spirit. But the haunting electronic soul of Life After Defo feels very different to both, and three times as heartbreaking.

Leaving the lonely nighttime streets of London for the mountainous landscapes of Austria, multi-instrumentalist and producer S O H N (pronounced Sonn) draws his inspiration from the dichotomy that exists between the two. Reacting to Vienna’s legendary immersive electronic scene, S O H N has created a sound that blends his haunting vocal stylings with a backdrop of analogue drum machines and synths, mixing the worlds of old and new together to create a foundation for his tracks.

Aside from emphasising the soulfulness of his voice, S O H N’s lyrics play upon the space that exists within language, twining his vocals around the gaps between sentences, and reclaiming the importance of words. Further contrasting the old and the new is S O H N’s artwork, which has been created using the beautiful analogue images of Italian photographer Christian Pitschl.

Hoseh (KXLU / Headspace)


1. A particular accounting of some matter, as from person or source, contrasted with some other account
2. A particular form or variant of something
3. A translation
4. King Tubby, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Herman Chin, Errol Thompson, Scientist

Howdy Dublab Lovers,

Thanks for tuning into the Hoseh/Version Sounds Theme Stream. It is my pleasure to have shared with you so many sounds over the 8 past years. This is my interpretation of radio communication, my version. At its roots, the show credits reggae dub for adding so much to the music we listen to today. From there the branches continue to sprout via a myriad of genres and time spans. Colombian cumbias meet Germanic tecnho dub meets British twee pop. Stereolab and Sun Ra lounge around as Stars of the Lid jam with Prince Jammy. You never know what to expect but you are guaranteed that the now sounds of 2008 will have a toast with the happening sonics of 1968 and beyond! Enjoy and I look forward to sharing with you for many more musical years to come.

- Hoseh

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Deptford Goth / SOHN with Hoseh (KXLU / Headspace)

Tuesday, November 19 · 8:30 PM at The Echo