“It’s a lot of shit I done been through/But all that I can do is continue.” – Wax,


Continue… is more than just a name for the latest album from L.A.-based emcee

Wax. It’s a declaration.

Coming off a career-defining year: his album “Continue” released thru his

independent label Scrublife on January 15 to instant success as it debuted at No.

150 on the Billboard Top 200, No. 3 on their Heatseekers chart, No. 16 on the

Rap chart, No. 23 on R&B/Hip Hop chart and No.23 on the Independent chart.

The first single “Rosana” is certified Gold in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

and continues to gain momentum in the US.

After five years fronting and playing guitar for touring act MacGregor from 2000

to 2005, Wax and his twin brother, Herbal T, started posting videos to You Tube.

Utilizing Wax’s humor, penchant for infectious hooks and skill at writing, rapping,

producing and arranging, the videos made him a rising star on the site.

Since then, he has amassed over 65 Million views and 350,000 subscribers on

the site. The success on You Tube has earned him a solid reputation and a

devoted fan base. “I feel like I’ve developed a friendship with my fans,” he says

of his loyal followers who tune in regularly to hear his weekly podcast, where he

opens up about himself on all subjects.

That fan base has supported him on the road as well. Earlier this year, his

“Dreamin Tour” went out to much success, with sell outs in Los Angeles, New

York, Boston, and San Francisco. He also hit the European Festival circuit,

playing Rock Am Ring and Rock IM Park Germany and Donauinsel Fest in

Vienna, Austria, the biggest open air festival in Europe.

This Fall and Winter, he will play the biggest venues to date, including the El Rey

in Los Angeles and Highline Ballroom in New York City.

“I think people appreciate I let them in,” he says of why his admirers are so


There’s no question a great part of Wax’s internet appeal is his ability to infuse

humor into everything he does. But this is no novelty act. A gifted musician

who started playing guitar at age ten, he found the right people to bring out his

musicality on Continue… Among those lending their talents to the album are

EOM, Nobody Famous, Davy Nathan, King David and Greg Wells (Adele, Katy

Perry, Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith).

There are a lot of lessons that went into Continue… If it’s taken a year longer

than expected to get here that’s alright, because Wax isn’t looking for a quick fix

or to capitalize on a bit of momentum. As someone who’s wanted to make music

since he saw MTV at the age of three, he’s looking at this as something he’ll be

doing all his life.

“I don’t want to be somebody who just does one big thing and that’s it,” he

says. “Longevity is important because I love what I do. And I will express

myself honestly for as long as people will listen.” With Continue… Wax proves

unquestionably he has the skills to be around for a very long time.

For more information visit www.waxdotcom.com or contact:

Brian Washington




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