Eastern Anchors, I Am The Heat, Stone Mountain Station, Anthony Daniels

Eastern Anchors

Eastern Anchors is dad rock for milfs and cat lovers who dig indie rock. Really the Red Bank, NJ based band has no idea what that means.

Tim Foljahn (ex-cat power) recently texted Tom Beaujour the bands producer / engineer to give his apologies to “Mr. Guitar Tsunami” for not being able to make a session they invited him to jam on. Probably the most concise description and respect the band has ever received. Imagine being called Mr.?

In the late 90’s Jim Testa once compared their old band Aviso’Hara as a wild roller coaster ride and not much as changed. In the re-incarnation Eastern Anchors finds itself with a bunch of singles, a full length out called Drunken Arts and Pure Science, and another to be named 6 song EP on the horizon in early 2014 which is being recorded and mixed at the Nuthouse located in the mecca of all indie rock in the North Room of Water Music in Hoboken. The bands goal is to get another release out before The Wrens do. www.easternanchors.com

I Am The Heat

I Am The Heat is one lady and three knuckledraggers from New York City who love playing music and freaking out more than anything else. We've released several EPs and two videos. We write new songs when we're not rehearsing or paying the bills. We play shows wherever there are dancing girls and boys.

Our sound is changing these days. It's more like The MC 5 punching The Strokes in the face. Read what other have to say or listen for yourself. Or better yet, come get freaky with us sometime!

Stone Mountain Station

Stone Mountain Station is a rock band from New York City. Keyboardist and vocalist Mark Ciani founded the band in 2011, after he had finished writing a bunch of songs that would have fit quite well on the Band's self-titled album. He and four others, including drummer Matt Musty and bassist Ryan Gleason, recorded four of those songs in January 2012 and released as their first EP Victory Avenue. Now cooking with gas, Mark, Matt, and Ryan recruited Matt and Ryan's Berklee college buddy, guitarist Alvaro Kapaz, and the four of them quickly recorded and release a second EP, Sundown at High Noon.

While both EPs were excellent facsimiles of some of the band's favorite artists, Mark's voice was quite limited and, to make the mind-blowing noises Mark was hearing in his head, the band needed to add some young blood to the band. Enter Dan Sussman and Gina Tolentino. Guitarist Dan Sussman provides Stone Mountain Station with a rhythmic anchor that frees Mark and Alvaro to produce beautiful melodies and hooks. He also is a gifted songwriter in his own right. Lead singer Gina Tolentino has a transcendent voice that appeals to virtually every human on the planet and most other mammals as well. With the addition of Gina and Dan, the band is ready to take off.

Anthony Daniels

Anthony Daniels is an acoustic songsmith from the New York area. Unlike your typical folk songs, his slapstick and satirically political songwriting is rocked more by a progressive county bluegrass twang than folk ramble. Somewhere lost between the city and the country, Daniels alludes to the lost epoch of our greatest challenge, ourselves. Conceptually, his songs may tie into one another, while indirectly they each lend their own philosophy of existence.


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Eastern Anchors, I Am The Heat, Stone Mountain Station, Anthony Daniels

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