Pop-punk newcomers Veara have announced plans to release their new album, What We Left Behind, on May 25 via Epitaph Records in partnership with Running Man Records. Starting today, fans can listen to the brand new track "My B-Side Life" on their MySpace page and pre-order the new album here.

The quirky foursome from Augusta, GA, made up of Bradley Wyrosdick (Vocals), Patrick Bambrick (Vocals/Guitar), Bryan Kerr (Vocals/Bass) and Brittany Harrell (Drums), has officially arrived on the scene with their highly energetic new album, What We Left Behind. Co-produced by A Day To Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon and master of the boards Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Our Last Night), Veara's sophomore release draws influence from genre groundbreakers like New Found Glory and Blink 182, while boasting a sharp contemporary edginess that will rapidly elevate them within the scene.

Veara has a lot to prove with the release of What We Left Behind, a title which the band says is about leaving behind doubt and naysayers, and a theme that can be found throughout the album. After years of fighting a revolving door of band members, ceaseless doubt and small town narrow-mindedness, Veara respond with a bold new album.

"We have been through a lot of turmoil as a band," says drummer Brittany Harrell. "Whether it be people doubting us, saying you can't do this, members quitting, people lying, etc. The songs on this record have to do with everything that we were going through within that year. It pretty much means all those topics are being left behind because we can do this and we will do this no matter what."

"It's not just for us though," adds vocalist Bradley Wyrosdick. "It's for everyone that has a dream and has people telling them they can't do what they want to do with their life. It's your life and you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to, and that's what we did with What We Left Behind."

And the proof is in the music. Bouncy choruses, ripping riffs and terrorizing drums rule on What We Left Behind. Featuring tracks like the fiery opener, "We Have a Body Count," the newly released sing-along "My B-Side Life" and the mosh-popper "Head For The Hills," What We Left Behind is an honest take of the band's life experiences over the past several years, set to a musical score of anthemic pop-punk.

On My Honor

ON MY HONOR is a pop-punk band from Knoxville, TN signed to Little Heart Records. The band's sound revolves around making honest music with an emphasis on personal lyrics, intricate guitars, and high energy songs that focus on topics other than breaking up with your girlfriend, while straying away from the typical "verse-chorus-breakdown" formula. Since late 2007 they have done 16 U.S. tours, played over 350 shows, built a draw of 400 plus in their hometown, logged iTunes and online sales on four (4) continents, received press across the world from press outlets like Alternative Press, Amp, Lights Out UK, Absolute Punk, Punktastic, and Property of Zack. The band also played The Vans Warped Tour in 2009. After touring almost constantly since summer 2011, the band released their new EP entitled "Nature & Nurture" September 6th and the record debuted in the top 100 globally on Interpunk. The band plans on touring as much as possible in support of the record anywhere in the world they can get in 2012. On My Honor believes "Nature & Nurture" is a big step and everyone else seems to agree so far:

"Nature & Nurture is undoubtedly a record where too often words fall short. I can only hope that more artists, and listeners, see this as an exemplary display of musicianship, where the real justice is done when listened to first-hand" –

"Right from the opening line "what if these are the last words I ever get to say?" -Its an EP crammed full of fist in the air, heart on the sleeve, sing-a-longs. They've delivered a fast-paced, anthemic punk-rock record steeped in sincerity and with a little bit more nurturing, ON MY HONOR could become one of your favorite bands" -Punktastic


When lead vocalist Collin Walsh declares two minutes into ‘Leaving’, Kennett Square pop-punk band Grayscale’s debut full-length, that “it takes everything for me to be okay here in Pennsylvania,” he is encapsulating everything that created the five-piece. “We all grew up together as best friends, and we had our own set of problems growing up, from broken homes to abandonment issues, and being let down to the point where we lost trust in anything,” states Collin. “We persevered through all the pain together and we wrote songs to get through it… it’s what motivates us to get away from home and play music for everyone who feels like we do,” explains guitarist Andrew Kyne, before bassist Dallas Molster expands; “We also grew up listening to bands like Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, and The Wonder Years, so songwriting is a craft we appreciate and worked really hard on with our record, so I hope our lyrics shine through as being honest and raw.”

Recording with a producer of Will Yip’s (Man Overboard, Title Fight, Circa Survive) caliber for their first release is an opportunity afforded to few bands, but as drummer Nick Veno explains, it was far from a straightforward process. “Recording and mixing took a really long time, partially because we were adamant about not settling or taking shortcuts. You only get one chance to make your debut album.” Guitarist Derek Parker adds; “Our ultimate goal is to give people something to relate to, and confide in. This band is our outlet to do so, and we’re driven to achieve it. We want our pure, raw emotion to connect with people, and for them to scream back at us.” With ‘Leaving’ out now and tour dates in place and in the works, the future looks bright for Grayscale.

Short Lived Affair

Short Lived Affair was formed by a group of Marlton, New Jersey girls at the beginning of their high school careers, and have spent the last four years working hard to get where they are today. They've played with the likes of Hawthorne Heights and the Wonder Years, played the Zumiez stage at Bamboozle 2011, and played the Break Stage at Bamboozle 2012 with an audience of over 1,000 people. After the recent lineup change, they were able to pull through, and are now a stronger and closer band than ever. They have just put out their own EP, Catapultastrophe, and now, with high school ending, are ready to get out there to kick ass and take names. They are a band that truly loves every aspect of what they do, a band with a style that has something to offer for everyone, and a band with a message thats worth listening to.

Home Again

Debut EP "Stepping Stones" out now!


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