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The Fontaines

Charlotte (19) and Hank (24) Fontaine are a brother-sister duo currently living in Los Angeles. After growing up all over the world together they decided to start writing together in 2013 after discovering the open mics, house shows, and cabaret nights of Southern California. The Fontaines currently perform across the country both as a duo and backed by bands ranging in size and instrumentation. Visit for more information about upcoming shows and releases.

Nate Weiner

The first guitar I ever owned was in Tokyo, from an ex-pat couple that was moving from our small town of Tamabochi. I did not have a clue how to play, so it was resorted to a prop, as I sang along to Sugar Ray & Oasis on Air Force radio. Since then, music has been an evergrowing relationship, and it gives me more than I could ever fully express.

Liza Oppenheimer

Liza Oppenheimer is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. She draws influences from a wide range of artists. Most notably Marianne Faithfull, Dory Previn, Debbie Harry and a dash of John Lydon. Her laconic, sardonic performances belie some of the laugh out loud inappropriateness of her lyrics. Listen closely and what might appear to be another coffee house crooner is actually one of the wittiest whimsical performers on the circuit today.


In the Summer of 2007, Scarlet Moreno, a Texas native, and Trevor Smith, a boy from Missouri, met in the land of the Ozarks. There, in a matter of hours, they realized that they had loved each other their entire lives. Soon after, Moreno moved to New York City to pursue an acting career at NYU, while Smith honed his song-writing skills and played the back alleys and dingy bars of the Midwest. After four and a half years, through layers of broken hearts and an impossible distance, they have emerged as Flowerglass.

The two have cultivated an homage to the golden age of music. With Moreno's vocal stylings echoing the likes of Jim Morrison and Patsy Cline, and Smith's penchant for surrealism and poignant narration, Flowerglass invites its listeners into a world littered with road maps, lost souls, and hopeful romantics.



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