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It is said that "the Bio" was an extended paragraph of information that was once used to describe a little bit about someone, before it was run into dirt-filled pile of obscurity by more interesting things like Wrestling, In Touch Magazine, and Kim Kardashian. some say the Bio was an easy way to inject favorable opinion and fancy wordplay about the subject, in order to make said subject seem more interesting than they probably are/were (i.e. using a phrase like "_________ play with the intensity of a thousand semen-filled bulls, unleashed on the night" or "_________ formed in the fall of '97 and the music industry hasn't ever been the same since"). Most Bios were useful back when radio stations still mattered in breaking an artist, where the DJ would pull up the current Bio on an artist that would be dropping by the station for an interview, just to learn something about them to talk about on the air. (i.e. when a DJ says to an artist in an on-air interview "so Butch Walker... tell us how you got that band name" or "so your from Atlanta... tell us a little bit about that..."). the Bio died a sudden death with the advent of Wikipedia, a website that basically will tell your life story, no matter what you fabricate in a Bio to impress people. R.I.P. to "The Bio" and it will be remembered as a pioneer to many on the information filled highway of the entertainment world.

Marc Scibilia

I don't have a real job, I write songs for a living. My mother calls and wishes I'd move back home to NY. My dad leaves 5 minute long voicemails about how proud he is of me and usually asks (for the 1,000th time) how to get on Youtube to see my latest work. Yes, it's complicated and there's a lot to share. But I write songs, so I will usually keep our interactions to around 3 minutes and thirty seconds or less.


Nelly’s Echo, formed by Nelson Emokpae (Lead singer) in early 2007, originates from the premise that music is a two way street. “Nelly” refers to the musician/music and “Echo” refers to the audience’s appreciation of the music. Nelly’s Echo is neither a band or a solo musician, but a concept of the musical experience associated with it’s creator Nelson. Nelly’s Echo has self-released two successful albums, performed at over 100 colleges in the past year, entertained the troops in Cuba, and is returning to the studio for the third album to be released in 2012. With Nelly’s Echo, you can “make good music the soundtrack to [your] life.”

In 2012, when Nelly’s Echo returns to the studio to record their third album, it promises to be electrifying and groove infused, while still remaining true to their unique sound. The first Music Video from that album will be recorded sometime in the spring of 2012, so be sure to stay tuned. Following the release of the album, the band will embark on a tour to promote the album, but more details about the tour will be provided as they become available. However, Nelly’s Echo has promised to engage it’s fans throughout the whole recording process of the album by regularly uploading video blogs, mini-blogs, and pictures to make the whole experience more intimate and interactive.

“The show is coming to town, making believers out of critics tonight,” is a line out of one of Nelly’s Echo’s fan favorite songs. Appropriately, it also describes what the fall of 2011 and spring of 2012 has in store. Nelly’s Echo will be performing solo/duo at numerous colleges throughout the country to inform college audiences about the next wave of “funky fresh music,” which is guaranteed to capture and inspire their imaginations. Nelly’s Echo is also building a dedicated college following all over the country, which ties into the bigger picture of eventually: spreading the music all over the WORLD. However, the music is the means to a more important end with the ultimate goal of reaching the four corners of the earth while sharing the message of positivity, life, hope, and love to everyone that the music comes in contact with.

Nelly’s Echo is blessed with extremely talented musicians who realize they are much more than a couple of infectious songs. They understand that they can use the gifts they’ve been blessed with to bless someone else’s life or situation. They appreciate that they can be the voice for the soft spoken in a sometimes very noisy world. They recognize that they can be that medicine for the aching heart, and a trumpet for the joyous soul. Cognizant of the fact that good music is a road map in navigating the tricky journey of life, and that music inspires to do great things, it should come as no surprise that once you listen to Nelly’s Echo’s music, it will be an integral track to the soundtrack of your life!



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