The Brighton Beat (Double Set), Diego Clare, Project K-Paz, Fighting In The Streets

The Brighton Beat (Double Set)

Driven by a unified belief in real people playing real instruments expressing real human emotions, The Brighton Beat's goal is to create music that is able to live, breath and develop, with songs that allow the musicians to communicate and tell a story through carefully crafted melodies and inspired solo passages. Real world experiences and an inherent knowledge of jazz set them apart from the crowd. This is a band of working professional musicians looking to make a name for themselves in the ever burgeoning Afrobeat scene. Heavily influenced by Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, but in no way traditional, The group creates grooves reminiscent of Herbie Hancock, at times reaching the raw, unbridled expression found in the music of Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard.

The Brighton Beat is centered around a strong rhythmic foundation of bass, drums and dense percussion. Varying textures of unique, vintage keyboard and guitar sounds help to thicken the compositions. Leading the group, the adventurous horn section bring their heavy jazz influence to the forefront. Bassist Ryan Hinchey and Drummer Sammy Wags established their groove during recording sessions and national tours with various funk and reggae outfits (iLa Mawana, 6th Degree, The Hub Dub). The horn section leaders; Jon Bean (tenor sax) and Mark Zaleski (alto sax) came together while studying jazz at the New England Conservatory. Upon finishing they quickly established themselves as first-call session players for many of Boston's highest regarded jazz projects, all the while cultivating their own ideas, and exploring the different styles of music that influence The Brighton Beat's diverse catalog.

The Brighton Beat stormed onto the scene with their debut; "The Brighton Beat EP" in 2010, and have since hit the ground running, performing at premier venues around greater New England. They are currently touring in support of their first full-length release; "The Brighton Beat LP" and are preparing to release a live record due out Fall 2012, recorded during their Summer tour.

Diego Clare

“From the get go I knew Part One was going to be a concept album so I wanted it to be cohesive, contemplative, and concentrated,” 19-year-old Los Angeles native Diego Clare says of his debut release—the finely crafted folk record inspired primarily by John Steinbeck’s Depression-era novel Cannery Row. In writing the record, Diego realized he’d been grappling with the novel’s themes long before he read the novel.

“In fact, the song Monterey on the record was actually a poem I wrote when I was 15," he says. "At first I looked at the lyrics as naïve, because I had written it at such a young age-- but at the end of the day the message is still the same. It's about having to grow up, leave home, and enter society. It's about thinking 'hell, I didn’t do all the things I wish I had done.”

In this spirit, Diego crafted a record inspired by Paul Simon, Neutral Milk Hotel, Fleet Foxes, Bright Eyes, and also the literature he was reading. “Neutral Milk Hotel was so inspired by Anne Frank’s story that they wrote all of Aeroplane Over the Sea about her. I loved the idea of writing a record about someone else’s story.”

Diego lead his first band when he was in the eighth grade. "Well I tried, anyway… But there was this one guy who played the piano who always flaked. So finally I just started playing the piano also, using what I knew about guitar," he says. The practice though, would pay off as his second band The Limetree Warehouse starting gigging around town, selling out shows, winning Battle of the Bands, and drawing comparisons to The Arcade Fire. “We started playing around town, and people started showing up,” Diego says. Eventually, the New York Times caught wind and profiled the “$2 Shows” concert series Diego was putting on in his backyard (with proceeds benefitting local charities).

But when high school came to an end, so did Limetree. As the members scattered across the states for college, Diego himself hesitated. He wasn’t so sure he wanted to put his music dreams on hold—so he opted to put college on hold instead, deferring his acceptance at Boston's Emerson College. Instead of toiling away at term papers, he penned his first solo record. “I had known I wanted to do a concept record and I had read Cannery Row that year.” The novel’s prevalent themes and their modern day relevance left a strong impact on Diego. “At the time when I was thinking about this record I was graduating high school and looking for a job in a declining economy.”

Diego channeled these ideas into the songs that would eventually make up Part One. “I had a lot of input in the arrangements and the musical themes that permeate the album. As a solo artist it’s difficult sometimes to make sure that the creative energy of a song doesn’t get lost in the backbeat of a supporting band, but I think we did a good job of keeping the intentions behind the songs intact and genuine.”

Sonically the album calls to mind an antique, rustic atmosphere. Diego wrote most of the songs on an acoustic guitar and layered on elaborate arrangements in the studio. In line with classic concept albums, Diego serves as the omniscient narrator of the story, guiding the listener through coming-of-age themes of self-doubt and the acceptance of the harsh realities presented by adulthood. “I do think about the future a lot, probably far more than I should. As I’ve gotten a little bit older I’ve gotten better about taking it day by day,” he revealed.

While he plays shows in support of Part One, the young musician is already back in the studio working on a follow up to the debut. Naturally the follow up will be called Part Two and the songs will also nod to Steinbeck’s novel. "I feel like I haven’t quite gotten it all out of my system. I'm already starting to think about what I’m going to be doing on the record after the next!”

Playing in support of Part One has proved gratifying for Diego. “The last time I played live it reminded me of when I was in Rome for a week and I took my guitar to play out on the street for fun. There was something romantic about the way people would respond because either they would just walk by-- or they become enamored. There’s something about me that takes people off guard. I guess I’m unusual,” he admits. “But when people have that transfixed, hypnotic glare—as an artist that feels fantastic. That kind of energy, when people really want to be there, listening to you, even if they have somewhere else to go—that’s what I love.”

Project K-Paz

Based in New York City, Project K-Paz is a musical collective specializing in Spontaneous Music: 100% pure improvisation. We create music in the moment, which is the sum of the musicians present. Four musicians from around the world gathered with the goal of creating something special and unique. A mixture of genres, styles and musical cultures that erupts into this representation of art at its best. By living the art that is Spontaneous Music, our possibilities are endless, and thus, only the purest, most emotionally driven music is created every time we play.

We know improvisation is not anything new in music. But COMPLETE improvisation, and true spontaneity, are not easy concepts to embrace. We like to maintain the freshness of discovery constant in our music, so we never play the same thing twice, all of our music lives only in the moment, and will never happen again. In that way, everyone of our performances is unique, and at the same time completely different from the last one and familiar in that you can expect to receive 100% from each member of the band. We let our emotions and feelings ride on our music, and put it all out there...we don't know that it will always work out, but only one thing is certain, we are able to connect with our audiences in a way no other band can, because the audience is literally part of the music being made, and everyone present contributes to building this organism, this entity that is Spontaneous Music.

Our discography includes "Nothing to Something", a CD and DVD recorded at Avatar Studios in NYC, and we have the mission of spreading the wonder of Spontaneous Music around the world, having playedin places such as Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Helsinki, Kyoto, Tokyo, Port of Gustavia, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, among others.

Fighting In The Streets

Fighting In The Streets is a fiery band of musicians who utilize jazz improvisation, funky grooves, and smooth showmanship through video game music. We play songs from Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter 2, Mega Man, Castlevania, and more. The band consists of five members including, reeds, guitar,keys,bass and drums. The goal of the band is to play music we have listened to subconsciously as kids and bring to life with new arrangements and pure RAW energy.


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The Brighton Beat (Double Set), Diego Clare, Project K-Paz, Fighting In The Streets

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