SOLD OUT: Popovich Comedy Pet Theater- HOLIDAY CIRCUS!

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater- HOLIDAY CIRCUS!

Voted Best Family Show in Vegas!
The most beloved family show in the world, featuring an amazing cast
of housecats, dogs, parrots. even geese and mice!
Critics describe the show as a unique blend of physical comedy,
world-champion juggling and the extraordinary talents of more than 30
performing pets.
Gregory Popovich has rescued these animals from shelters all over the
country and has transformed them into Las Vegas stars.
Popovich is a fifth generation circus performer who learned early on
how to develop strong bonds with animals.
He released his first book "You CAN Train Your Cat" in late 2009 and
has been featured on The Tonight Show, David Letterman, in USA Today
and People Magazine.

$35.00 / $30.00 / $25.00 (RSVD)

Sold Out

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