The Ugly Club, Earth To Eugine, Silas Fermoy, Ray Mazza and The Gutter Bandits, XNY, Rob Morrison (from The Hollows)

The Ugly Club

The Ugly Club is a diverse and ever-growing project of musical ideas and stylings. Contrived of Ryan Egan, Taylor Mandel, Joe Stasio, Ryan McNulty, and Rick Sue-Poi, the band brings together unique musicality and songwriting to create a refreshing form of psychedelic indie-rock. Reminiscent of bands like Broken Bells and My Morning Jacket, the sound is eclectic and progressive.

Earth To Eugine

Earth to Eugene began playing live music in the New York City area in 2003. The band played mostly acoustic shows that mixed acoustic guitars with piano and hand drums. Notable gigs through a three year span included shows at Kenny’s Castaway, The Knitting Factory, CBGB Acoustic Galleria, and the Cutting Room.

The group began exploring home recording efforts in 2005 and later that year released a self produced album titled Staring at the World Outside. This album largely reflected the type of acoustic based performances Earth to Eugene was known for playing live. Each track was a unique mixture of acoustic/electric guitars layered with percussion and hand drums. The songs themselves shifted through a variety of rock and alternative sounds creating a truly distinctive album.

Since this time, the band focused exclusively on improving and expanding their recording efforts. In 2008, they released their second album titled The Light Unseen. This album reflected significant change in recording methods as the band combined percussion and hand drums with a full drum set. There was also a greater emphasis placed on synthesizer and piano parts within many of the compositions. The final product moves through a variety of musical genres, while displaying a personal style the band had been developing for years.

2010 was a busy year for Earth to Eugene. The band upgraded their recording abilities and techniques even further, resulting in the creation of an archive of recorded material that was released in a series of albums throughout the year. The Heavy Escape, Terminals and Inner City Gruel each have their own musical flavor and are available as free downloads. In addition, Earth to Eugene worked on a short film for the 48 Film Festival last June titled “Loved Me, Loved Me Not”. The band composed original music for the film as well as contributed existing songs from their albums. Click on the "Film" link above to check out that video.

After a string of shows playing as an acoustic duo in 2012, E2E began playing with other musicians at the start of 2013 and became a 5 piece rock band. The band currently consist of two guitars, bass, drum and keys, and has started playing venues in NYC during the spring.

Silas Fermoy

Silas Fermoy originated in Brooklyn, NY. What began as a collaboration of singer/songwriter Josh Mash and bass player Jordan Brower over a year ago has transformed into a 3 headed musical beast with the addition of Sam Ellner on guitar.

Since each band member has different influences and musical backgrounds, their music is a blend of indie rock, electro dance and rock music.

Follow @SilasFermoy on Twitter for information about upcoming shows and to get exclusive access to new music.

Ray Mazza and The Gutter Bandits

A driven folk rock group from the NYC area, Ray Mazza and the Gutter Bandits has created catchy folk music with lyrical depth. Their edgy sound combined with their energy filled live performance is infectious and leaves the crowd wanting more. It's a little bit of folk rock and a little bit of alternative mixed in with a lot of awesome!
Having just recorded and mixed their debut LP at Killingsworth Studios in L.A. Produced, engineered mixed and mastered by Tomas Costanza, Suzy Shinn and David Baker the band looks forward to releasing their debut CD, touring and spreading their name!


Pam and Jacob met as next door neighbors in Boston, MA. After months of hearing each other practice through the wall, they came together and formed XNY. XNY breaks the boundaries of genres. They have managed to combine passion and simplicity into a sound that is both unique and palatable. XNY challenges experience and in return creates their own.

Rob Morrison (from The Hollows)

Ramshackle Appalachia meets the big bad city in the sound NYC outfit The Hollows churn out. It's freewheelin' fare, getting down to the most skeletal roots of folk music, while still maintaining joyous, sing-along worthy acoustic creations that are right in line with what similar artists like Trampled By Turtles and The Punch Brothers are spittin' out these days. On the heels of their debut LP, Belong To The Land, the band recently released a self-titled EP.

- BaebleMusic
July 18th, 2012


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The Ugly Club, Earth To Eugine, Silas Fermoy, Ray Mazza and The Gutter Bandits, XNY, Rob Morrison (from The Hollows)

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