Dekades, The Donnies The Amys


Los Angeles based Dekades is an emerging artist bringing a dark sound to a scene drowned in happiness. Their brand of post-industrial rock infused with nefarious electronics is a step off the beaten path of “popular” music, but is infectious in its own right. Dekades first single “You&Him" off of their upcoming EP, gives off an ethereal feeling with a soundtrack like sound that will surely find it's way in many films to come.

Well known blogging site and community AntiQuiet ( recently premiered the video for "You&Him" and had this to say about Dekades headlining show at The Viper Room in Los Angeles. "Dekades is a recent discovery of ours and we think a lot of you will be able to get down with their dark & dirty devilish rock, with some electronic twists and turns to keep the haunted hayride interesting".

"Dekades will satiate the burning hunger of your unspoken desires, while exposing the beauty of the imperfect".

The Donnies The Amys

"When we last spotted Amy Wood, she was making racket on the port side of Big Black Delta’s two-female-drummer arsenal. That was just the last sighting, of course; she also commands the kit for White Sea, All Wrong and the Plans Change, the Broken Remotes, Lonely Trees. Her latest project with her bandmate from the Outdoors, Donnie Stemp, looks like a boatload of fun. Stemp and Wood are going by the capitalization-challenged, conjunction-less moniker the donnies the amys, and they debut with a video for “Boxer + Clover.” It’s on their self-recorded debut album currently being mixed and mastered by the drummer’s father, John Wood. The donnies the amys plan to release the album Dec. 31, in case your year-end list is belated." - BuzzBands.LA



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Dekades, The Donnies The Amys

Friday, September 6 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Satellite