The Sindia

The Sindia

Alternative Rock Band from the Greater Philadelphia area

Steady Hands

I am Sean Huber, and I am Steady Hands. I picked up an acoustic guitar and started thrashing my way through Philadelphia in the winter of 2012. I made an ep, and decided to bring all my friends together to record it with me. That was a blast, so I decided to make another one and get myself a killer backing band. "The Libertines" was released February 2013 and is available via Lame-O Records.

Kill3r Whale

"The thing about Robert Joffred and Andrew Lim is that they play by their own rules. Together, the childhood friends are Kill3r Whale, a musical sensation who impose their artistic impressions on today's popular songs, converting them to unique chiptune creations. In short, they fashion hard beats and tunes out of gameboys - yes, gameboys. Joffred and Lim share equal amounts of talent; they are musically inclined and tech savvy, minimalistic and hip, securing them as fearless trailblazers amid the hard-to-please college party scene. The group has been booked at numerous events, playing for audiences at hot-spot bars as well as packed fraternity houses. Kill3r Whale is not just that band at the party, but is the party itself. Lim, the group's drummer, exudes rock star quality as Joffred pumps out the beats and lyrics, inviting each audience member to dance and sing along with contagious energy. Kill3er Whale's free-spirited stylings are surprising and different, and will leave you thinking that this was how the song was meant to be played."



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The Balcony


The Sindia with Steady Hands, Kill3r Whale, Caalypso

Friday, October 4 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 8:30 PM at The Balcony