Kyle Bennett Band

Kyle Bennett Band

In 2003, in a warehouse on the outskirts of Ft. Worth, TX, the Kyle Bennett Band was born. People gathered every night to hear the original music and smooth voice of Kyle Bennett. Having been surrounded by music his entire life (both parents were music directors and had released Christian gospel albums), it's no surprise that Kyle Bennett followed suit from an early age. The band quickly started making their mark in the region. By April of 2005, they cut their first album now known as "The Red Album". With some southern style country combined with some great classic rock the Kyle Bennett Band broke into the Red Dirt Music scene and onto the Texas Regional Radio Charts. "Donnelly Drive" was the first track to make it into the Top 10 on the Texas Regional Radio Charts. Several of the songs are still quite popular, like "Adios", "Later On" and "What's it Like".

In April of 2009, they released their second album "Grey Sunrise". This album really held the sound of a more matured band and once again, added momentum to their growing fan base. "Grey Sunrise" released two songs that made the Top 10 on the Texas Regional Radio Charts. Those titles included "Jimmy & Josie" and "Should've Listened". Other songs on the album reflect the talent of Bennett's writing style and soulful, southern voice like "When the Lights Go Down" and "Time To Switch To Whiskey".

About a year after the release of their sophomore album, the band made the hard decision to split ways. After several years together, the change was hard on Kyle and his former band mates. However, this move led to more opportunities for all parts. Kyle decided to go forth with his singer/songwriter career. He gathered new musicians from all over Texas. Their talents and hard work have added a lot to the current Kyle Bennett Band sound. The complete line-up change has evoked a new wave of music and creativity.

"Sometimes the best chapters of our lives are the ones we write ourselves."

Folk Family Revival

Mason, Barrett and Lincoln Lankford became fast friends with Caleb Pace when the then pre-teens stood up for him in a squabble at church. If you ask them now, the band is made up of four brothers. A bond that transcends musical barriers formed early in the lives of the brothers long before they'd ever step foot in a recording studio. Not yet old enough to drive and still without a formal band title, the foursome realized in each other a shared love of music, and they quickly began exploring sounds and instrumentation. The band grew as a unit under several names and through varying incarnations of style and lineup. Seemingly the only constant was the four brothers and their love for one another and music.

After several years of experimentation and self-instruction, the chemistry between the players (now in their early twenties) was undeniable, and they found themselves at Red Tree Recording Studios with producer Jeffery Armstreet. Although they were set to put down tracks that took on a more hard rock vibe, Mason, without provocation, shared one of their folksier, country songs. Armstreet immediately recognized the talent at hand, and later sought out their other demos of this unique style.

A couple years later, the Folk Family Revival is debuting their first full-length album, Unfolding, on Magnolia Red. Mason leads the band on vocals and guitar, but also plays harmonica, jaw harp, and a theramin if he ever finds one. Barrett has made the transition from guitar to bass, and Caleb can be found on electric guitar, mandolin, and lap-steel. Lincoln takes on drums and percussion, and the whole band is constantly embracing new instruments and methods.

The band has played live on Houston's Fox26 and KPFT 90.1 in addition to opening for artists like Charlie Robison, Cody Canada & the Departed, Robert Ellis, The Marshall Tucker Band, Rodney Atkins and the Trishas. Their current musical influences are still eclectic and evolving and include The Black Keys, Switchfoot, Hayes Carll, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Ryan Bingham and the Dylans (both Jakob and Bob).

Their inimitable sound has been described as Americana-folk-country music, and yet, it is still developing and changing. Mason spearheads the songwriting, but the relationship and inspiration of every member of the band is evident in the results. While individual players alternate taking the spotlight in certain songs, the performance as a whole would not be what it is without the dedicated collaboration that unites the foursome.

Unfolding, which debuted July 12, 2011, was produced and mixed by Jeffery Armstreet at Red Tree Recording Studio in Magnolia, Texas. The album also features the instrumental prowess of Scott Davis who also produces albums when not on tour playing lead for Hayes Carll. The record was mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Gavin Lurssen.

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