Marina Orchestra

Marina Orchestra

What Marina Orchestra has aimed to accomplish isn’t any secret. In fact, they’ve been boasting about it since their beginnings in 2010. It’s the simple idea of bringing people together through music and dance. And without any underlying notion of irony or cynicism, you can feel good about what you’re letting loose to, so stop trying to fight it!
Marina Orchestra is Inspired by music from all over the world, and there is an inherent jubilance that the sun-soaked eleven piece group radiates. It’s exotic, yet familiar. It’s a love of global music filtered through the ears of “indie rock” kids. It’s ripe with homages and a well rounded respect for the whole history of music. But mostly it’s a party.
Conception of the project came when Justin Powers of Knoxville, Tennessee was completely done with listening to navel gazers and decided to shake things up. There was an entire world of blaring brass instruments, dancing back up singers and wild handed percussionists that he longed to see on stage every night. Soon enough the ever expanding Marina Orchestra was quickly finding a way into everyone's schedule. “The only reason I do this, is to look up and see the whole room dancing,” says Powers, “That’s all that I need.”

Spawning from Stephen Paul Smoker’s solo recordings, SMOKER is a 5-piece psych outfit born inside the sweaty depths of Chicago’s south-side Pilsen neighborhood. Their debut album "Violent Sun / Violent Fun" was released in 2010 followed by extensive touring that helped shaped the band’s personality and sound. Their sophomore LP, "Ripe Fruit", was released in 2012 on clear vinyl from Kilo Records. “[Ripe Fruit] sounds like fear, pornography, self deprivation and fasting, paranoia, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, and Buddha, consumption, war, LSD, and death at the bottom of the sea.” And there is much more to come. SMOKER has temporarily relocated to Knoxville, TN, where we are hard at work in the process of writing and recording 20+ new songs for 2 future records. Also currently mastering STRANGE WAYZ, a new record set for release Summer 2013; while simultaneously in post-production with our first feature film, MAN DIVES DEEP.

Divino Nino

Divino Niño is a musical group formed in Chicago, Illinois in 2012. The band consists of Camilo Medina (vox/guitar/percussion), Javier Forero (vox/bass), and Guillermo Rodriguez(vox/guitars). They are known for their psychedelic sound, drum loops, harmonies, world percussion, and Latin American roots. Camilo and Javier met in Bogota, Colombia when they were very young, reunited in Miami, Florida in 2003, and have been playing music ever since. Before meeting Guillermo Rodriguez, Camilo and Javier were active members of the cult Misión Carismática Internacional, which has influenced their music in various ways. Guillermo does not formally own any of the equipment used on stage. The group is bonded together by their stature, naiveté and their unshakeable belief that a song should move your soul or your hips.


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Marina Orchestra with Smoker, Divino Nino

Friday, October 18 · Doors 9:00 PM / Show 10:00 PM at The Hideout

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