Arise in Chaos

Arise in Chaos

Arise In Chaos is:
Dustin Griboski - Vocals
Jeramy Matheson - Drums
Ryan Orr - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Cameron Burris - Rhythm Guitar
John Vickers - Bass Guitar

Formed in the spring of 2010 with the founding members Dustin, Jeramy and Cameron, Arise In Chaos had begun. The music they wrote was incredible, but it needed the support of two awesome thrashers in the form of guitarist Ryan and bassist John, who filled the void in 2011. Specializing in groove, thrash, and progressive metal, Arise in Chaos sent a shockwave through the local metal scene, and is about to bring American Heavy Metal at it's very best to the world. With humble beginnings in Denver Colorado, Arise In Chaos has shed blood, sweat, and tears to release the upcoming debut album "Civilization Decay", which will shake the globe in October of 2012. Having a whole cast of members that gained experience from heavy metal acts such as; Downtied, Only Chaos, Pariah, and Wading Through Corpses - Arise In Chaos has the talent, energy, and drive to become a new powerhouse in the worldwide metal community. The Chaos is coming!

Eye of Minerva

Eye Of Minerva may be one of the most intense and technical forces of the contemporary death metal genre yet to be heard in the underground scene. They have completed their 1st full length c.d. in the studio and are looking forward to its release. They are enjoying playing shows along side other sick ass bands. Check out their next dates and come listen to some brutal metal. \m/ \m/

Zombie Hate Brigade

Formed in late December 2003 and risen from the ashes of other death and grind bands from Colorado (Yeast Infection, Adnauseam, Misunderstood, Dismembered Fetus, F.P.) ZOMBIE HATE BRIGADE was born. They captured the imagery of horror movies and incorporated it into their music, all the while staying true to the music they love. Grind core! Zombie Hate Brigade started their run on the local Colorado scene and are determined to capture the ears of the world with their monstrosity. The start… is with help from the German grind label apathic view productions ( which houses other amazing bands such as Blood Duster, Gronibard, Zombie Ritual, Squash Bowels and the ever so popular Agathocles. Apathic view productions will re-release Zombie Hate Brigade's debut CD for a European release in June of 2008. Look for Zombie Hate Brigade at a theatre near you as they plan to drive their virus infected grind core into the front doors of the metal underground.

Black Acid Devil

Black Acid Devil started in the winter of 2008. Originally the band went by the moniker "Warriors on the Edge of Time." The band then, included Arj Narayan, Tyler Wurzer, and Taylor Iversen. Shortly thereafter, the band changed the name to what it is now. Several shows happened alongside bands like Speedwolf, Ironhorse, Black Sleep of Kali, Kingdom of Magic and 3 Inches of Blood in Denver. Two small tours of the midwest happened.The Devil is now back in the driver's seat and is now featuring Jason Carter (Drums) and Zachary Amster (guitar).


Combining thrash with elements of melodic, hardcore, and death styles, BattleSpawn forges its own path. Forming in Denver during the summer of 2012, BattleSpawn quickly began writing and released their debut EP, EVIL RISING. Armed with a sense of purpose, hard work-ethic, and dedication to the cause, BattleSpawn began its onslaught onto the underground music scene. Quickly taking the scene by storm, BattleSpawn has opened for acts such as 3 Inches of Blood, toured with Mobile Deathcamp, and was a featured band at Hannemania, a Bay Area tribute to Jeff Hanneman. Showing no signs of slowing down, BattleSpawn has begun working on their upcoming full length and continues their relentless campaign to bring thrash to the masses.

$5.00 - $10.00


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