Emerging from his own distinct corner of the West Coast electronic music scene, Random Rab offers a powerful and unique contribution to sonic exploration. Often referred to as “The Master of Emotion” his music is patently beautiful and melodic. With diverse influences ranging from trip-hop, classical and Arabic to bass driven compositions, his songs are considered anthemic and timeless. As a multi-instrumentalist and singer, his tracks are organic, uplifting and stand on their own as a distinct genre. Listeners of all types of music can find something they can relate to in this sound. He has toured extensively across North America, including tours with Bassnectar, Shpongle, Beats Antique and headlined several festivals across the country.

There is no doubt that Rab understands a multitude of musical styles. He has been the front man of a heavy metal band, toured as a classical trumpet player, played bass in a country music band, was a scratch DJ for a jazz fusion project, was the singer for a rock band in Mexico and has collaborated with countless musicians of all styles. From acoustic performances in the Himalayas to rocking packed clubs in New York, Random Rab has found a way to connect with people of all kinds.

With a dedicated fanbase born from the San Francisco underground, Random Rab has become a Burning Man legend known for his sunrise sets that have now become one of his most sought after performances. His current popularity can often be traced to his breakout album, The Elucidation of Sorrow.. This album firmly established him as a recognizable force in the electronic music scene. His 4th album aRose, catapulted him into the state of momentum that is now taking hold internationally. His latest studio effort, Visurreal debuted in the iTunes Top 10 Electronic Charts as well as in the CMJ RPM Top 5 with several #1′s on radio stations across the country.

Sometimes performing solo and at other times featuring collaborative musicians, the live experience is focused on a high quality translation of sound that is simultaneously sexy and psychedelic.

The Werks have quickly emerged as a national powerhouse. As a result of their eclectic individual influences, The Werks produce a dance party that can be appreciated by a majority of musical tastes. Known for fusing psychedelic shredding guitar, wailing organ of jam and classic rock with funk slap bass, synthesizers, and modern dance beats, The Werks create their own style of music. Their unique style of performing is affected and manipulated by the energy of the audience, guaranteeing that each show will be different and memorable.

Kalya Scintilla

Traversing the cosmos, gliding across dimensions beyond time and space, Kalya Scintilla brings universal shamanic journeys through his music to planet earth straight from his heart. His music paints sacred soundscapes with world fusion beats from ancient futures hidden amongst our forgotten memories to bring forth lush healing vibrations to activate the dormant codes within us. Infusing his love for nature, tribal healing, sacred geometry, and Hathor wisdom; Kalya is able to birth heart opening crescendos that open doorways into our personal and collective awakening. Audiences across the world have successfully received his musical transmissions enabling his ability to travel and play at festivals across continents. His vision for the future holds his devotional intention to plant more seeds of galactic sound alchemy to be felt and experienced by all.

Bird of Prey is San Francisco bay area native Torin Goodnight. Creating electronic music for over a decade, he has developed a unique and very distinct sound. His music hybridizes various genres, fusing the enveloping sensibilities of psychedelic sound with hard hitting dubstep and breakbeat elements. His style contains a high level of cerebral activity not commonly found in many urban genres. Combining aggressive basslines, twisted leads, and colorful atmospheres to create diverse and immersive soundscapes.

He made his first compositions in his bedroom tinkering with hardware synths and sequencers, eventually moving on to more elaborate computer-based production. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in sound engineering from Expression College for Digital Arts, he worked in the audio industry for four years before becoming a full time musician. He is now dedicated to creating powerful music with good intentions, and aims to contribute his craft wherever it's appreciated.

The success of his 3 EP's (Atrium, SubTropic, Dreamcatcher), and many licensed tracks to compilations has put this artist on the map. He is currently working on his next releases for Addictech Records. You can be sure to expect honest, cutting-edge music from this artist in the near future.

Bird of Prey is often accompanied by his lovely wife Kit, an internationally acclaimed hula hoop dancer and Fire Performer. KiT's out of this world, freestyle moves to Bird of Prey's mesmerizing beats will electrify any audience.


Category free, that’s how San Francisco-based Materialized rolls. The future-forward instrumental unit is built around the flexible core of keyboard maestro Mighty Dave Pellicciaro Shiva-limbed percussionist Dale Fanning, and bassist Carlitos Del Puerto. They are a heady mixture of top-flight improvising and savvy sound design. This band has giant antenna always scanning the airwaves for interesting new ways of combining the musical banquet of the 21st century.

“The reason we have Materialized is we want earnestly to connect with people,” says Pellicciaro. “Music serves a role in the human psyche, and society is nothing but a collection of psyches ambling about interacting with each other. Ergo, music has a changing role in society in any given moment. There’s dance music and there’s music you can dance to, or music you clean the house to, music for a candlelight dinner. It’s not the genre-defining way of looking at music. It’s the ambient way that music affects you.”

“This band’s constitution is flexible and open to amendments,” says Fanning. “There’s always room for it to change but there’s also a framework.”

After a gestating for years in the Bay Area live scene, playing everything from house parties to The Fillmore, Materialized is stepping out in 2013 with a series of EP releases where they will unleash their dance-ready, human touched sound for folks ready to wriggle out of their constrictions. Magneto Delicti and Space Junk were both released in November of 2012 in multiple formats. The music imbued with the blood and bone inside the instruments they wield,.. flowing in a rush, the men inside the technology very much alive and apparent within the beat stream.

“We have a diverse background with a lot of overlap with each other. My association sound design goes back to the original meaning of electronic music – guys in the 1890s with semi fore flags playing industrial parks, Pierre Schaeffer, musique concrete, tape loops, all that cool stuff from when electronic music was a lot more difficult to make. It’s really about a love of the idea that sound is an abstraction that needs to fit into a musical spectrum to do its job. It doesn’t need to be a bass player pulling strings or a drummer using a stick. It can be any sound doing any role.”

“We want to add to music’s current conversation,” says Fanning. “We study from older roots but with a modern mindset. There are certain things about electronic music that are just awesome, especially when you want to get a bunch of heads bouncing up and down and make people sweat. The sonic impact of those timbres is just so much higher, and the overall palette is so wide. However, people have gotten used to perfect beats and perfect sounds, and that’s where it gets boring. We mix it up with improvisation and the interaction we have onstage, which makes music come alive right in front of you while simultaneously seeking that sonic impact that moves booties.”

In each move Materialized makes is a desire to connect with people and to offer them a soundtrack for connecting with one another and themselves. "The sounds are handcrafted, and everything we do has a lot of manna in it and a lot of personal sincerity. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll band in that way. We come out to hand it over to the people,” says Pellicciaro. “It’s magic the way music works on the human brain."

Fanning says it’s all about striking a balance between inner and outer elements. “That’s what music is about,” he says. “Heck, that’s what life’s about.”

On top of their sound creations in and out of the studio curate the annual Cosmic Love Ball in San Francisco. This year’s Love Ball took place at the Fillmore and featured a fun and talented array of artists including Rubblebucket, the North Beach Brass Band, DJ Wyllys, live painting by Lebo and Materialized holding down the eye of the musical storm.


Born in the woods of Connecticut and raised in the wilds of Boston, lespecial has established themselves as innovators and tastemakers on their own unique trajectory. The aggressive death-funk dance trio explodes with energetic live sets, tapping into a primitive past distorted through the lense of contemporary technology. Coming off the release of their second EP, Ceremony, preceded by Playonbrother Sessions (2011), Jonathan Grusauskas (guitar/keys/trumpet), Luke Bemand (bass guitar) and Rory Dolan (drums) ignore convention, instead amalgamating the familiar styles of Afro-Latin rhythmic traditions, Hip Hop, Funk and Metal into a singular sound that dexterously transforms during their live sets and over the course of their studio albums. As Ben Weiss of Relix Magazine puts it, “Amidst the rest of the noise, lespecial is the squeaky wheel that demands attention.”

Soulacybin is the product of an insatiable appetite for music and the continual urge to create and share it with the World. Musician/Producer/Artist John LaBoone harmoniously melds his passion for traditional Jamaican Dub and ambient electronic soundscapes into heart-felt music that is meticulously crafted with care and love. Live guitar and melodic synths combine with mid-tempo beats and throbbin
g dub basslines to transport listeners to a place of pure emotive sound, stimulating the Body, Mind, and Heart. His live sets of all original music have earned billings with some of the nation's most talented electronic musicians including Shpongle, EOTO, Emancipator, Phutureprimitive, Love & Light, Papadosio, Zoogma, Govinda, Ana Sia, Vibesquad, Polish Ambassador, Mochipet, Ill Esha, Elliot Lipp, Archnemesis, The Werks, Amtrac, Spankalicious, and Wick-It the Instigator.

Liam Shea, aka Templo, strives to blend atmospheric soundscapes with head bobbing beats. With his music, you will hear all original riffs and drum beats, found especially in his latest releases, which included a double EP, Sunrise and Sunset. In the last two years, Templo has played alongside some of the top experimental producers such as Kalya Scintilla, Random Rab, The Polish Ambassador, EOTO and Bluetech. Appearing at festivals such as Gem & Jam, Sonic Bloom, and Arise Music Festival, Templo presents a unique live experience incorporating downtempo trip-hop, funk and dub elements, with deep melodic bass sounds.


TNERTLE is a Denver-based electro/funk/hiphop group consisting of Trent Campbell (Midi Controllers, Bass), Kyle Ayervais (Drums), Rob Gower (Trumpet) and many other guest musicians.

In 1999, Trent and Kyle met in their 7th grade jazz band. Playing together in rock bands all the way to their senior year of high school, Trent and Kyle decided to head to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music. In 2012, Trent and Kyle formed TNERTLE out of the inspiration to create original music and have fun. Most recently, the duo have added trumpeter Rob Gower and frequent appearances by guest vocalists and instrumentalists. You will hear everything from Electro, Hip-hop, Reggae, Funk and lots of in betweens.

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