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DEATH Established in Detroit in 1974. Death is one of Rock-N-Roll's most unique and inspiring bands. Three brothers who played some of the hardest-driving Rock-N-Roll and recorded a now classic album in 1975. Rejected for their sound, their name, and their color, 34 years later the band Death began receiving what is now world-wide recognition for the Rock-N-Roll music they created in Detroit throughout the seventies. Their music and message is universal, and the sound of Death is unique and tight! The new Death album tracks have just been completed for an exciting array of new Death music to be presented in the upcoming 2013/14 season.

Cymbals Eat Guitars

Cymbals Eat Guitars released their debut album Why There Are Mountains in 2009, receiving a response that far exceeded the band's expectations. Two years have gone by since that early hype cycle began, and a lot has changed. Half of the musicians that played on Why There Are Mountains came and went before major touring began, replaced by Brian Hamilton on keys and Matthew Whipple on bass. Hamilton and Whipple joined singer/songwriter/guitarist Joseph D'Agostino and drummer Matt Miller to take the show on the road, finally solidifying the lineup. An official release of Why There Are Mountains on the band's own imprint, extensive US touring with the likes of Bear in Heaven, Los Campesinos!, and The Thermals; European dates with The Flaming Lips and The Hold Steady; and festival performances including Lollapalooza and Glastonbury kept the band quite busy. All the while, they were using whatever free time was afforded to them to write songs for a planned follow-up.

After signing to Barsuk Records in early 2011, the band settled down in Whipple's basement in New Jersey to finish writing that follow-up. Rehearsing and recording demos in a suburban home allowed for a lot of freedom the band hadn't enjoyed in the past.

Shared Brooklyn rehearsal spaces had always meant long commutes, scheduling difficulties, parking tickets. Decamping to the suburbs meant fewer distractions and more time to explore the outer reaches of song structure and melody, and to edit, reign in, and refine those same elements. That refinement and clarity of purpose came in no small part with the guidance of producer John Agnello, and together they set out to craft an album that re-contextualized the band's favored sounds and highlighted underexplored strengths.

Lenses Alien, the result of these collaborative explorations, is a stunning example of a band growing into itself – learning to collaborate, becoming more confident. Why There Are Mountains was a record that Joseph D'Agostino made largely on his own, with help from Matt Miller and some other friends and acquaintances that came and went. Lenses Alien is a record that Joseph D'Agostino, Brian Hamilton, Matt Miller, and Matthew Whipple made together, as a band.

At its core, Lenses Alien is a marriage of classic pop forms and ambient haze that makes for a stark, dusky psychedelia. D'Agostino's vocals, now with support from Hamilton and Whipple, sit daringly at the forefront, and his lyrics are dark, strange, and affecting as ever. Miller and Whipple move the songs as a singular, powerful unit while ornate guitars and Hamilton's celestial organ and chiming pianos whirl across the sonic landscape.

Songs like 'Definite Darkness' and 'Keep Me Waiting' move with the frenetic urgency of romance that seemingly begins and ends all at once, and 'Secret Family' and 'Wavelengths' combine Motown-esque turns with impressionistic visions of lost youth and the struggle to retain it. A relentlessly complex listen, Lenses Alien strikes a balance between the archaic and the inviting and is as much a document of doubts and contradictions as of irreverent joy. It's a varied collection of songs that feels handmade – built from the ground up – and it's precisely the album Cymbals Eat Guitars was built to make.

Mark Mulcahy

Mark is the former singer of Miracle Legion. That band lasted a long time and did great things. His next band was Polaris. They wrote the music for tv show 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete'. Polaris never really existed outside the television but there is an album. Mark's solo career began with Fathering - an album that received loads of praise and featured the song Hey Self Defeater, featured in Nick Hornby's 31 Songs. From there followed albums 'Smilesunset' and 'In Pursuit Of Your Happiness'. Some eps' and singles in there as well.

So many tours later he stopped everything and stayed home. Many of his long-time fans banded together to record an album of his songs in tribute to Mark's wife. The result was Ciao My Shining Star, featuring the likes (yes,the likes) of JM Stipe, T. Yorke, A. Yorke, Frank Black, Hayden, Ben Kweller, Josh Rouse, The Great Vic Chesnutt, Dinosaur Jr., Juliana Hatfield and The National. Lot's of other lovelies too. So many. Thanks everybody.

Mark has written several tragic comic operas with the cartoonist Ben Katchor. It's music played in front of projected cartoons. He likes bicycles, trolley cars and summertime. He likes his band too-Ken Maiuri (Pedro the Lion,Young at Heart Chorus) and Henning Ohlenbusch (School for the Dead).
'Dear Mark J Mulcahy I Love You' is the next and newest record. Now signed to Fire Records, Mark is back to making music and playing live.

Mark Mulcahy: In Pursuit Of Your Happiness

"his songs cast their spell long after the record's finished, scratching away at your subconscious until you go back of your own volition" 4 Stars - Observer Music Monthly

Mark Mulcahy: Fathering

"Mulcahy not only plays all the instruments but overlays his own vocal harmonies and counterparts in a set of emotionally involving, highly personal songs. Don't let the fact that Radiohead love him or that he's opened for Oasis and Seal confuse the issue: this man is very much a singer songwriter to be filed along side Tim Buckley, Neil Young or Jackson Browne." MOJO

"This rock-n-roll koala bear-same come-to-bed eyes, same don't mess-with-me claws-hasn't allowed over familiarity with the fuzzy end of rock's lollipop to dull his appreciation for the sensual world. Forbidden fruits are his specialty, the riper the better, and in that remarkable voice he has the instrument to skewer the loneliest hearts every time."NME

"He's a genius,' reckons Thom Yorke, and Fathering makes a good case for the Radiohead frontman being right." Jewish Chronicle

Tropics, joy. Down to earth tones, hanging out with your friends all day to forget routine. Thinking of what should be, staying inside. Missing the one, swimming against waves. Holding on, dreaming. Meeting new people, realizing more about yourself. Lack of understanding, traveling far away. Remembering the folks you used to know, staring up at the stars above. Letting time pass you by, memories.

Fatal Film

Fatal Film is one of New London, CT's great rock and roll acts. They've been playing some of the best shows of their storied run over the last year or so churning out sonic and mischief and wowing audiences with the results. During that time, they've toiled in the studio with local producer Jason Banta to build the definitive statement of the Fatal Film sound with their brand new 12 track eponymous CD.

Echo & Drake

"#1 CT Album of 2011: "Sundrenched Elsewhere" (self-released) — This Wethersfield band's debut is a collection of stunningly well-written, and beautifully produced, songs colored by the spacious atmospherics of Brit-pop, but with a personality all their own."
~Eric Danton, The Hartford Courant

"Indie-pop outfit Echo and Drake recruited some major names to turn Sundrenched Elsewhere into a breakout album. It paid off in spades. Recorded with the microphone wizards at Telefunken Studios, and mixed by Joseph Donovan (who won a Juno Award — the Canadian equivalent of the Grammies), Sundrenched Elsewhere is loaded with epic reverb and killer falsettos. But the 2010 Band Slam champs' most fetching characteristic is the dynamic between Alex DiCicco's hyperactive drum beats (they're sprinkled liberally with tambourine) and the band's massive, spacious guitar gestures. It's like firing amachine gun into the sky. Beautiful singing, cool drum fills, jangling guitar — the band creates music that draws upon the '80s without being enslaved by them. There's urgency, there's rocking out, there's relaxed beauty, there are danceable grooves. If you like rock music, you can find something you'll dig in their songs." ~ Dan Barry, The Hartford Advocate

"I'm calling it, friends — it's going to be big… Echo & Drake is one of those rare bands… a speck of gold in a sea of brass… For an hour, Sundrenched Elsewhere made me feel like the girl I once was—guileless, green, and discovering fantastic new music around every corner."
~Gabrielle Bruney, The Wesleyan Argus

"Local, indie or major label, this is easily one of the best albums of 2011. Clearly a band to look out for…"
~Rob Farrish, Wesleyan University Radio, WESU 88.1 FM

"Indie-pop outfit Echo and Drake recruited some major names to turn Sundrenched Elsewhere into a breakout album. It paid off in spades. Recorded with the microphone wizards at Telefunken Studios, and mixed by Joseph Donovan (who won a Juno Award — the Canadian equivalent of the Grammies), Sundrenched Elsewhere is loaded with epic reverb and killer falsettos."
~Dan Barry, The Hartford Advocate

"The album has echoes of all the indie rock staples, from The National to, occasionally, Fleet Foxes… Echo & Drake could go places."
~Andrew Wagner, The Yale Herald

"Grounded in brit-pop tradition but dipped in an array of styles (post punk, indie electronic, folk), the record is layered in swirling, reverb-drenched guitars; soaring, wistful vocals; and the occasional groovy rhythm. It's the kind of album that can make you dance one minute, and cry the next."
~Scott Gargan, CTNews.com

"Beautiful singing, cool drum fills, jangling guitar — the band creates music that draws upon the '80s without being enslaved by them. There's urgency, there's rocking out, there's relaxed beauty, there are danceable grooves. If you like rock music, you can find something you'll dig in their songs." ~Dan Barry, The Hartford Advocate

"Although this Connecticut band has yet to strike a major label deal, the sound of their independent debut is quite polished... strong arrangements, soaring melodies and intelligent lyrics are sure to appeal to fans of Keane, Morrissey, early U2, Coldplay, Crowded House and Tommy Keene. Clearly a band to look out for." ~Rob Farrish, WESU 88.1FM

Elison Jackson

Elison Jackson is a 5-piece garage–folk/ psychedelic rock band from New Haven, CT. Their third recrd, “Do Not Fear To Kill A Dead Man”, was released in the fall of 2013 to critical acclaim. Featuring basement organs, haunted lyrics and Neil Young-esqe guitar jams, their sound has expanded significantly from its folk roots, moving forward with a strong foundation into blues, synth, and prog. They’ve shared the stage with Akron/Family, Water Liars, The Music Tapes, Those Darlins, and more and toured the East Coast extensively for the past two years. They plan to hit the studio in the summer of 2014.

“The beauty of this album is that it sounds like it was recorded around 1966, yet sounds perfect today and will still sound perfect 50 years from now.” – Lonesome Noise

Bedroom Rehab Corporation


Daphne Lee Martin

After a whirlwind affair with roots music, garnering her several songwriting and performance awards, including CT Music Awards' 2012 Country Artist of the Year, Daphne Lee Martin is back in force with a new collections of songs on her latest record, Moxie.

Boasting a new cast of characters in a deeply provocative and reflective story, Daphne's live show leans heavily on trip hop, blue-eyed soul and prohibition-era voodoo all set in a seedy cabaret. Moxie was produced by Bill Readey, right here in New Haven, and features several guests from the wealth of the Elm City's music scene, including John Panos (Mates of State), Matt Lindauer (Sugarbat), Eric Stevenson (Pocket Vinyl),Milksop:Unsung, Matt Thomas (M.T.Bearington), Sam Perduta (Elison Jackson) and Erik Elligers (Goodnight Blue Moon).

Slander is a rock band playing pop songs, a pop band playing rock songs.

2013 was a whirlwind year for the group. After releasing their Daniel Schlett produced single "Magnets b/w Ghosts", they were named one of Stereogum's "Bands to Watch" in February.
The group expanded on their concise post punk sound with a wider palette, accentuating the vocal interplay between Julia Farrar and Luke Hunter.

They returned to record again with Daniel at Strange Weather Studios in March. As with the first single, Schlett was able to capture the breadth of the Slander sound- bringing the churning pop of Device and the ever expanding rock sensibilities of Flood into one cohesive package.

Violent Mae

VIOLENT MAE (Becky Kessler & Floyd Kellogg) was never intended to be a band. Becky asked Floyd to record and produce her first solo album, and as soon as they hit the studio, chemistry and dynamics between the two sparked the evolution of an artistic partnership. Their self-titled full-length debut record was released in November 2013. Becky, a songwriter, singer and guitar player, calls the Outer Banks of North Carolina home, where she finally settled as a teenager after moving every year or so, mostly around the Southeast U.S., to 11 different places. A friend invited her to live and work on an organic farm in Connecticut, where she soon met Floyd, a multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer. The two began recording at Casa de Warrenton Studio in Hartford, expanding Becky’s songs with Floyd’s arrangements and parts. They ultimately formed VIOLENT MAE after making a record, playing all the instruments on it and opening for Nels Cline and Julian Lage at one of their first live performances. VIOLENT MAE won Best New Band at the 2013 Connecticut Music Awards and was recently honored by The Deli Magazine as one of New England’s Top Emerging Artists. A tour through NYC, Philadelphia and North Carolina, along with festival appearances and other shows around New England, have led to opportunities for VIOLENT MAE to perform for varied audiences and to steadily win fans. The duo is back in the studio writing, arranging and recording a second collection of songs and planning tours for spring and summer 2014.


Note: Bands performing at the Oasis Pub & 33 Golden stages are restricted to 21+.

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