Virginia Reed, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Jules Ferrari

Virginia Reed

The current incarnation of Virginia Reed is an accident. As the rhythm section screams for more volume, drone and noise the lead throws it's melody's into a meat grinder that spews out an unforgiving ring in the ears of it's listeners that lives for days after their live show. But, who really knows?

Kind Hearts and Coronets

Former Chicagoan and Chamber Strings member Asa Ferry has his hands full as singer-songwriter-guitarist of the very large band he moved here to form. Says the earnest Ferry of his recruitment strategy, "I wanted good, sweet souls in the band — kind people. The band is about the people in the band." Those souls include drummer Justin Polimeni (of the re-formed Love); David Alvarado (Beck) on bass; Randy Billings and Eric Potter on guitars; Glenn Gregory on piano/keys, Dan Collins hitting even more keys — Farfisa style — and lending vocal harmonies; and Merideth Kleinman's magical trumpet… LA Weekly

Old Toy Trains

Old Toy Trains, a school of like-minded travelers who have grown in numbers over the course of various incarnations that are at times minimal and cosmic through the telescope that should be on your front porch. They've been on various compilations and have just released their first ep on Detroit's Mind Expansion records. Home to such acts like Fuxa,Spectrum and Suicide's Martin Rev. Also digitally via Planting Seeds Records.
Old Toy Trains was bread and spread in Los Angeles.

Jules Ferrari

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