Daikaiju (die-kie-joo)

Who is the Daikaiju??? Premium action heroes deliver most high rocket music! Special reverb skill combo for full impact! Loud sonic boom for earful pleasure!

Beautiful radiation of hyper-dimensional springy sound creates divine psychic wind for your special protection.

Worship Psycho-surf band Daikaiju daily for good luck and health!

Crash Fistfight

CrashFistFight is a five piece full throttle kick to the goods! They got together in winter of 2007 starting playing and immedialety clicked and has been playing out writing and touring since. Gaining popularity thoughout FL with their live show antics on stage, not to discredit the music at all, CFF is a must see band live for sure! CFF is a cross between the hard, fast, aggressive Rock n' Roll such as Motorhead, mixed in with old and new school punk influences, we would rather our music speak for us in the end.

Red River Massacre

Red River Massacre formed in Long Beach in 2010 by Keith Irish and Jeremy Schott. In 2012, Miguel and Adriel Hernandez joined the band to form a new western metal sound, influenced by the musical scores from western films such a Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon A Time in the West” and Jim Jarmusch’s “Dead Man”. The slow dramatic and spacious melody’s of seemed to compliments the ambient pace of doom metal. Plus, the electric banjo brought American folk and replaced the cheesy keyboard you hear in metal. By late 2012, the band finally started taking shape after a few band member line ups and Western Sludge Metal was born!

The Hernandez brothers, Miguel & Adriel, bring a solid metal edge to the band and maintain the duality of the ambient western tone. The guitar echoes back and forth between a bluesy twang and sluggish drop-D tuning. Jeremy Schott rumbles a 5-string bass and punches out bass-lines or sometimes rumbles with low distortion. Keith Irish fronts the band as the lead singer and plays the electric banjo with some traditional folk banjo rolls or some Dick Dale influenced leads. The band rumbles and crushes through songs like a bleeding tank on its last ride through the desert. The haunting melodies are reminiscent of Ministry and Sonic Youth, while still holding on the older influences such as Slayer and the Sonics.

The band is currently constructing a new sound that they call Western Sludge Metal, mixing melodies similar to Ennio Morricone’s western film scores with the doom and power of the Melvins. They are currently spreading their music on the road and are shaping the sound with new songs. Right now is the time to see a young band form into their own invention.

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