Chicago Songwriter Alliance #7

Donnie Biggins

Donnie Biggins is a singer/songwriter from Chicago. When with a band, he performs with The Shams Band. When by himself, he performs as Donnie Biggins. He enjoys writing songs about his life and he hopes you enjoy what he has to share.

Anna Soltys

Brice Woodall

Alternately spectral and warm-blooded, the live incarnation of songwriter/beatmaker Brice Woodall’s work bridges the organic and the synthetic, the embodied and the digital. Brice draws upon shortwave radio, film samples, and a growing arsenal of analog toys to cut an oblique face on synth-pop. His electro-acoustic arrangements build walls only to cut them down, puncturing thick atmospherics with clean guitar, beats and keys. This is the sound of the ghost in the wires—a weapon against the cynicism and neurosis that permeates our increasingly digital world.

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