Joey Anderson [Deconstruct Music | New Jersey]

Joey Anderson [Deconstruct Music | New Jersey]

It’s been a lengthy wait for fans of the long-dormant Deconstruct Music, but after the telltale revival of Levon Vincent’s solo Novel Sound label last year and a clutch of rumors concerning partner imprint Deconstruct, run in conjunction with The Corner head Anthony Parasole, New York’s house heads can celebrate its return. Fittingly, the subject of the resurrection concerns two tracks already heard on Levon’s Fabric mix from earlier this year, itself a coveted collection of dubplates pressed by Vincent for the occasion and debuting works by many of his colleagues in New York, both famous and unknown. Here, the producer is New Jersey’s Joey Anderson, a longtime friend of DJ Qu who has been making noise since 2008, initially on Qu’s Strength Music Recordings but last year branching out onto his own Inimeg Recordings, which has spotlighted his own work aside that of cohorts DJ Jus-Ed and Qu. His solo debut came strangely enough from London’s UntilMyHeartStops, and the last year has seen his international DJ career begin to blossom with trips to FreeRotation in UK and appearances in Japan. Given Deconstruct’s history, Earth Calls is sure to be his biggest release yet, and the producer makes no compromises with two characteristically gritty, abstract House tracks that slot neatly into the label’s canon.

The title tune that comprises the A-side was also the opener for Levon’s Fabric mix, and it fittingly sets an ominous, driving mood for that record as well as being one of the obvious standouts. Immediately beginning in spaced-out territory familiar to Joey Anderson fans, a shifting kick drum pattern and droning bass form the foundation under the repeating sequence that subtly evolves. Dirty blasts of noisy electronics interject and build, but it’s the sparsely-played piano in the front and center of the mix that draws most of the attention and forms the emotional core of the track. Things really get moving about halfway in when the density of the abstract, rhythmic noises reaches peak intensity and begins to move in conjunction with the piano and other elements; it makes for a powerful conclusion after the tentative, abstract opening. Anderson dedicates the B-side Hydrine to the House dancers by stripping down to bare rhythm tracks and letting the serpentine intertwining of the drum voices move feet in the manner of a snake charmer’s hypnotic performance. Insistent hats on the upbeats accompanied by more of the minimal, rhythmic electronics familiar from the A-side form the only rigid part of the structure here; it’s a Deep House producer’s stab at making a Techno track, but it does so without losing any of the funk or grit that sets his generation of New York-centered producers apart. Joey Anderson already was clearly onto bigger things even before this dropped, but Deconstruct’s reactivation adds fuel to an already-burning fire for him as well as continuing the label’s legacy for top flight, deepest underground House sounds.

Point Break

The duo consists of Cory James and Arthur Kimskii who have made their mark in the NYC scene for quite some time. Whether it’s an opening for BLKMarket membership or closing out their Tar & Feathered night with ASC, they continue to bring the punch.

Self-proclaimed devotees of Dark Techno, Deep House and Bass Music, Point Break perked up our ears last year when they compiled a phenomenal podcast for Brooklyn Bass. It started with Sepalcure and transitioned into staples like XXXY. In a nutshell, they really knew how to move our readers.

Nooka Jones

Brooklyn-based, Hoosier-bred Nooka Jones is a DJ rooted in emotion and dancing. No regard for stereotypes or trends, he glides between house, disco, techno and beyond with ease. His parties range in venues, but his vibe never does-- always soulful and introspective, with a heavy lean on the groove. Nooka holds down the residency at Brookyln's eclectic Percussion Lab as well as a newly developed Thursday weekly at Cameo Lounge. While playing with Pearson Sound, Scuba and Francois K are some of Nooka's more notable moments, his late afternoon jaunts in SF's Mission Dolores Park and yearly stints at Boston's Together Festival rank among his favorite gigs.

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Joey Anderson [Deconstruct Music | New Jersey] with Point Break, Nooka Jones

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