Youth Code, Night Sins, TBA

Youth Code

Few bands are as committed to classic EBM and Wax Trax-style industrial as Los Angeles' Youth Code. Dark wave is in. Minimal synth. Noise techno. But EBM and early industrial seem to be pushed to the periphery, existing more for nostalgic aging goths than cool young people like you and me. Youth Code seem like cool young people, though, and they employ sampled dialogue and clashing synths without sounding dated or cheesy. "Carried Mask," from their forthcoming debut album, is genuinely menacing, echoing the true sonic terrorism of Throbbing Gristle and its offshoots as opposed to the more poppy and less timeless bounce of, say, Nitzer Ebb. The screamed vocals and cluttered density of noise make "Carried Mask" viscerally exciting, and its production is heavy and crisp, allowing it to feel like a 2013 continuation of the Wax Trax aesthetic rather than a sad 2013 stab at reclaiming the past. - Ad Hoc

Night Sins

Dark, sexy songs in the vein of Christian Death, Bauhaus, Samhain, Type O Negative. Members of Salvation, Mother Of Mercy and Nothing.


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Youth Code, Night Sins, TBA

Friday, September 13 · 11:45 PM at Saint Vitus

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