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Jeno (Noise From the Void)

Fueled by an enigmatic mystique, DJ Jenö has remained one of San Francisco's most beloved and sought after DJs for over two decades. Developing a passionate love for music from an early age he spent several years as a punk musician & songwriter, before discovering djing and falling into the vibrant London warehouse party scene of the mid 80s. Once Acid House fever hit the UK, Jenö never looked back, becoming known for his heady Whoosh parties, and his involvement in the early days of the notorious Tonka Sound System.

Inspired by Tonka's cheeky f**k the rules attitude, and in search of a more psychedelic groove, Jenö, along with his British cohorts Garth, Markie & Thomas headed to San Francisco in the early 90s. This was the beginning of the now world renowned Wicked Crew, who were instrumental in firing up the SF dance music scene with their now legendary “Full Moon” parties. These wild & free outdoor gatherings were the foundation for an eclectic and soulful underground dance scene, and the driving force of the growing rave community on the West Coast.

By the mid 90s, Jens's musical talents and commitment to the dance floor had helped inspire and define a new “San Francisco sound,” bringing international attention to the city's burgeoning dance music scene. With all eyes on San Francisco, DMC sought out Jenh's talents for a mix on their prestigious CD series, United DJs of America. Joining the ranks of legends Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Little Louie Vega and Doc Martin, he put together a mix of fresh local music and classic house sounds that helped put San Francisco firmly on the dance music map.

In 1995, he and the Wicked Crew took things to the next level, importing a custom made Tony Andrews designed Turbosound system from the UK. With Wicked very much in demand there was nothing else to do but hit the road, piling into a beautifully restored 1947 Grayhound bus with their own band of merry pranksters, delivering their soulful psychedelic sounds with a rock'n'roll attitude that took the U.S by storm. The touring continued through the late 90s, including some unforgettable stops at Burning Man, Reggae on the River, and even a Jane's Addiction concert in 2001.

As the new millennium approached, Jena took his talents to the studio and began producing his own unique take on dance music. He met all expectations with several remixes on fellow Wicked DJ Garth's Greyhound label, including the internationally acclaimed “Stormy Weather” remix of Rocket’s “People." This was followed by remixes on Cheeky, Turnaround Sound, NRK & others. Jenö’s production talents aren’t limited to the dance floor, having worked on some dark brooding indie music in recent years, and currently producing live acid house for his monthly "Cult of the Acid House" party.

In 2004, Wicked disbanded after 13 years of amazing collaboration. Undeterred Jenö and Garth have kept the spirit alive with their regular Back2Back appearances up and down the West Coast; a fun loving and boundary pushing musical romp through the last 40 years of dance music.

In 2011, Wicked reformed with a “Twenty Years of Disco Glory,” reunion tour encompassing 13 cities across the country. The success of the tour has put a vital missing piece back into the global dance community, and a newly inspired Wicked will be hitting the road again in 2012 and beyond.

Jenö’s mythical mixing talents have translated far and wide with a diverse international cult following. He has demonstrated these talents on the decks in the premier clubs across the globe, including the legendary Twilo in NYC, The End, Fabric & Ministry of Sound in London, Unit in Tokyo and the Rex Club in Paris. Jenö continues to perform & present music with a unique and psychedelic perspective, djing regularly again across the US, as well as hosting his own musically mischievous cult radio show - Noise from the Void, every Tuesday night at

Garth has been an icon in San Francisco nightlife for twenty years, playing a key role in sustaining the flames of conscious hell raising that existed here in generations past. Parties with his stamp include a coveted ten year residency at Come Unity, thirteen legendary years with the Wicked Sound System, and since 2005, revered Back2Back jams with Jeno.

Bringing UK sound system culture to San Francisco's psychedelic climate, Wicked's lawless full moon beach parties ushered in an era of Acid House hysteria that ripped through the west coast and spread into the heartland. The Wicked crew (DJs Garth, Jeno, Markie & Thomas Bullock) are credited widely with having revived the City's dance scene in the early 90's, cementing its reputation as the red headed step child of Disco.

Scoring a Tony Andrews designed Turbosound rig, they toured in a '47 Greyhound bus whose previous owners were a gospel choir hitting the road to spread their own gospel across the States. Wicked was the pioneering sound system at Burning Man in 1995.

Wicked's Guest Sessions introduced the cream of House luminaries to San Francisco including Tony Humphries, DJ Harvey, Doc Martin, Louis Vega, Roger S, Robert Owens, DJ Pierre, Joe Claussel & Francois K.

Garth has played most major clubs on the North American circuit and many more overseas including Twilo, The Roxy, Yellow, Fabric, The End, Rex, Lux & Zouk. He has been voted amongst America's top DJs in Urb, XLR8R & DJ Magazines. For many years he pioneered eclectic Dub and Downtempo sets on the only renegade system permitted at Reggae on the River where Jamaican legends Mikey Dread and Junior Reid stopped by the bus to rock the mic.

The same bus provided inspiration for a record label. Since '98 Grayhound has released 53 singles documenting an edgier West Coast sound. Artists include Wicked, Rocket, Perry Farrell, DJ Garth & ETI, DJ Harvey, The Glimmers & Ray Mang, Michoacan, DJ Rasoul, Nectar, Stranger, EBE. Many artists have debuted on the label.

His breakout anthem with E.T.I. 'Twenty Minutes of Disco Glory' shook things up internationally, praised by Muzik Magazine as one of the best dance singles of '96. Since then he has produced more than 50 records under various pseudonyms working with Anthony Mansfield, Eric James (Rocket), Rob Doten (Crosstown Traffic) and Markie Mark or Jeno (Wicked). His remixes include The Units, Faithless, Halo Varga, Darryl Pandy, The Glimmers, Rob Rives, Dada Munchamonkey, Perry Farrell (Janes Addiction), Yabby You, Robbie Shakespeare and Tribe Called Quest.

He has compiled and mixed albums for Om, NRK, Thrive & Grayhound. His productions have been licensed to countless DJ mix CDs and his music can be found in two films - SF rave flick 'Groove' and Gus Van Sant's 'Speedway Junky'.

Since 2007 he and collector/dealer James Glass have been waving the flag for Golden Goose re-edits, raiding their record collections & respectfully placing Disco/Rock obscurities under the knife as King & Hound.

Ever the DJ's DJ, he has stayed true to the original art form playing all-vinyl sets out in Hawaii, Japan, Fiji, Korea, Spain, England, Greece, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Singapore, even Indonesia & Malaysia, turning parties out upon request.


'Beloved San francisco's own Dj Solar is one of the main dj’s behind the infamous Pacificsound's legendary Sunset Parties and Boat Parties. Free outdoor events held in some of the bay area’s most beautiful spots attracting thousands of people every time. Solar joined up with the Pacific Sound/Sunset crew within the first year, and at the legendary parties he developed his unique style, drawing on influences from the traditional deep and funky sounds of San Franciscm the futuristic Techno-Soul of Detroit and the Jacking Tracks Of Chicago.

In addition to Pacific Sound Events, Solar is also resident at shattered (monthly at the DNA LOUNGE) and Bionic (Sunday nights at the TOP). He has performed around the nation in places like hawaii, seattle, and new york, and recently played at the famous REX Club in Paris. Although he appreciates the opportunity to travel and play records all around the world, Solar still recognizes that 'There's no place like home' San Francisco will always be his favorite place to play. By day, solar can often be found working in Berkeley at Primal Records.

DJ Solar is a vet of the SF house music scene who’s name conjures up the very essence what San Francisco house is about. Through his sets with the Sunset crew and off the hook Bionic parties, Solar continues to shape and define the role of house music in Today’s San Francisco Scene. Usually focusing on Paradise Garage sounds of old with the bumping funk of traditional San Franciscpo house stylings, Solar tends to focus mainly on his skills to build the hype about him rather than heavy self promotion. Looks like the strategy is working.


Komtur was one of the cruelest knights that lived in Germany in the 13th century. One year, he forced the local farm workers to build him a great castle using whips and extreme torture to persuade them. One year later the castle was finished and the farmers were starving. Then Komtur informed them that they had one month to plant 100 fully mature beech trees around the castle. If they failed this impossible task their wives and children would be fed to his dogs. This arose such paganism that one woman arranged a deal with Satan. He would plant the trees if she supplied him with a newly born human. Satan kept his part of the bargain but the church heard of this and began to bless everything in sight. After many failures the woman was cursed and an enormous black spider burst out of her face. THE BLACK PLAGUE HAD ARRIVED...



Garth + Solar + Conor + Jeno Visuals by: Donovan's Lightsout! Lightshow!

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Jeno (Wicked / Noise From the Void), Garth, SOLAR, Conar

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