The Get Down {feat} The Mast + Natasha Blank + Sascha Lewis + BEAT NYC

Natasha Blank

Natasha Blank is a movement catalyst, beat curator and the founder of Get Your Dance On. She provides sonics for everything from underground warehouse parties to Fashion Week. Known for her high energy dance antics behind the DJ booth, she infuses all her work with the desire to fill up this world with more truth and beauty than there was just a second ago.

The Brooklyn-based duo The Mast makes music inspired by futuristic pop, experimental beat music, post-dubstep, and early-IDM. Before they became The Mast, vocalist and instrumentalist Haleh Gafori and percussionist and beat maker Matt Kilmer toured all over the US, as well as in Europe and in Canada, playing venues and festivals such as Bonnaroo, the Mimi Fest in Marseilles, the David Byrne-curated series at Carnegie Hall, Preservation Hall in New Orleans, and the Hillside Festival in Canada. Upon returning, they settled back in Brooklyn, built a studio, worked on film projects, and began concocting a new sound. The first incarnation of their new band The Mast led to the 2011 release called 'Wild Poppies' which featured them on percussion and electric guitars. While touring, they began incorporating live electronics into their shows and then started to release some exclusively electronic compositions, the first of which was the single "UpUpUp." The video reached over 300,000 views, was featured at MusicNW and Bumbershoot, and was recently featured in Pitchfork as well. A few more tunes followed: 'Emerald,' 'Nuclear Dragon', and 'Seas Across Your Mind' and their full-length album is in the making.

"UpUpUp casts a beguiling spell" - Pitchfork

"[The Mast] is a modern day Renaissance couple…they play futuristic-electro pop inspired by early IDM and experimental beat music----James Blake on mescaline (If he isn't already)." – Village Voice

"Reminiscent of the Knife, Massive Attack, or Bjork, while maintaining their own distinct moody groove, The Mast is an absurdly talented live electronic duo… Haleh has a voice unlike anything I've ever heard---phenomenally powerful, nuanced, and hypnotic that pairs so well with Matt's gorgeous deft beats (both sequenced and live)." (NYC's Bass Music Events)

"The Mast had the introspective and meticulous quality of Portishead without stifling the excited and jovial mood during their set. So unique and crisp is their sound, culled from a range of electronic genres, that their fans swarm to be an extended part of the show, transforming it from a performance into a dance fest."

Sascha Lewis

Culture vulture/co-founder of Flavorpill Sascha Lewis is also secretly a DJ. He specializes in old school hip hop and funky classics, but isn't afraid of some good minimal tech house.

$10.00 - $15.00


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