Santoros, Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel, Drinking Flowers, Levitation Room

Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel

T'was from the sands of Laguna Beach where Tomas & Wyatt and fellow Elevator repair service collegue met through a dolphin's cry in the midst of the night, waning-moon present and shimmering across the moonlit sea. The 3 most watery human beings then started to "jam" as a guitar-less mind exploration voyage through the realms of time and space itself. Through their arduous adventures an EP was conceived.. "Staring at the Sun.", about the mind and how a human being can go through stages of love & post-psychotic-ness. They have lately returned to live and frolic in and out of the sepultural smog of los angeles, currently working on more tantalizing tunes towards a full length LP to be released in the next coming of moon phases.... Mr.Elevator & the Brain Hotel.

Drinking Flowers

"bugger me this is freakish - reverb soaked psyched out strut grooved shoe gazed blues trippiness a go go - quite frankly pisses cool and comes kissed with the kind of fuzz flecked psychotropic swagger that only disciples of the dark arts of the gun club and lords of the new church could muster not to say shimmering in the shadow playing psychosis of Mr Airplane Man and reared on the primitive rumble of Link Wray (especially the wasted and fried shadow traced shimmer toned shakedown of 'this possessed') and no doubt subscribers to the 90's back catalogue of the likes of estrus and sympathy."

Levitation Room

It just happened. Kind of like how humans crawled out of the slime and came into existence.

Sun-dried roots, psych rock.



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