Santoros, Wyatt Blair, Adult Books, Death Valley Girls

The sonic clouds above Wyatt Blair's song writting are wrapped in a bright orange wool blanket of shrinking guitar haze. He plucks and burns at his defensively crucial crossroads, then merrily shrugs goodbye to us while we approach each song's conclusion. A tasteful triumph to book end his anthems of love and mystery in unsung bleeding wrist scabs. His science is alarmingly innocent from track to track, each one allowing itself the ability to guiltlessly discern Mr. Blair's desires for affection. Desires that prove time and time again deserve unrattling.Wyatt Blair is a blessing and a curse. He's a man and a myth in the dramatically and hopelessly Shakespearian sense. A songwriter whose voice deserves to be famed. Whose twinkling veins are due for their close up. Who should be sung by farmers and car washes and gold fish. By anyone with lips and a chest cavity.

Adult Books

Death Valley Girls

Patty Schemel's new band with her brother, Larry!!!



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Santoros, Wyatt Blair, Adult Books, Death Valley Girls

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