The mysteriosos behind Sir Sly are dark knights in the truest sense. Since first making their presence known last summer, the LA outfit have been running the tastemaker underworld with their monochromatic blend of vigilante pop, leaving onlookers with nothing more than a pair of explosive tracks and a hero-shaped shadow to go on. So it's with great pleasure that we're able to pull the curtain back today and unveil our next release, as we bring Sir Sly's debut 7" into the world on Neon Gold next month in conjunction with our UK sister label, National Anthem.

Sir Sly is not one sir but three - Landon Jacobs, Jason Suwito, and Hayden Coplen to be precise - who have been hard at work for the past few months writing, recording and producing all aspects of their debut offering in Suwito's studio. From the arresting cold open to the ever-restless denouement, lead A-single "Ghost" doesn't just pass our every litmus test, it passes right through it, swimming through a fog of wartorn synths and floating with timeless melancholy in an ocean of unforgotten pasts. Elsewhere, the vinyl's AA-side "Gold" - for which the band have put together the perfect visual accompaniment (below) - jangles with moody desperation and reckless abandon, while digital-only B-side "Where I'm Going" delves deeper into the depths of the trio's doom-and-gloom pop noir.
-Neon Gold Records

Bel Heir is a project that has existed for over 6 years. It has had several other names and several other members in the past. We feel we have finally reached a point where we can bring it to the public. The music created and presented has never felt more natural.

We have spent countless hours in a studio outside of Philadelphia developing and perfecting the sound we were looking for. We created an enormous amount of material and finally decided to release it, but in a different manner than many are used to today.

We will be digitally releasing a single on the first Tuesday of every month for a full year. As with the traditional 45 vinyl releases, each single will have an A-side and B-side (2 tracks). We hope you will join us on this journey.


Chadwick C. Veach, also known as A.M.I.M., is a singer-songwriter/producer based out of Kansas CIty, MO. He independently released his self-titled debut EP in 2011 with producer Josh Barber and fellow musicians Jake Hayde, Jeremy Tracy and Josh Veach. In no time at all A.M.I.M. was hitting the KC clubs hard and sharing the stage with respected acts all across the board such as Innerpartysystem, Graffiti6, Eye Alaska, Nico Vega, Saosin, Parachute and Eve 6.

Let's rewind. In 2010 Chadwick was ready for something new. He needed a change and a challenge. It was time for some fresh scenery, different sounds, and new methods all together. Obviously, there was just one option.. That was for him to move in with his older brother, knock down a wall to create a new "beat lab", teach himself to play piano and begin reading "Protools For Dummies". After a few weeks of solitude he had written and recorded his first batch of songs which actually made the debut EP. He began his grind playing solo shows accompanied by backing tracks he previously recorded. He called himself A.M.I.M., which stands for 'Allow Me to Introduce Myself'. After a brief stint of shows to follow the EP release, A.M.I.M. was ready to write more music, plain and simple.

Get ready for the new release of "X's" this Spring and until then enjoy the official music video for the the new single, "Turn Off The Lights", produced and directed by Chadwick's brother from another mother, Dustin Hart Racen of Fountain Town Media!



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